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    *The official Aruba Brides CHAT thread*

    Hi ladies! I am getting married in July 2010 and am debating between Mexico and Aruba. HELP! We are considering Aventurra Spa Palace in Mexico based on amazing reviews through this forum and tripadvisor.com along with more "bang for your buck." However, I loooove to travel, and since I've been to Mexico before, I'd really like to try somewhere new. I'm a school teacher, so July is the perfect time for our wedding...but that also means hurricane season, which is why Aruba is a perfect choice when looking at the various islands in the Caribbean. However, I am concerned about the legal requirements for getting married in Aruba. Is it true that a beach ceremony is not legal? I've read online that you have to go to a courthouse first and then have a symbolic ceremony on the beach. Do any of you have any more information on this? Also, which resort did you choose and why? I'm overwhelmed by all the choices!!! I can't decide whether to go the all-inclusive route or not...does anyone know how expensive meals are in most restaurants in Aruba? Sorry for all the questions!!! Thanks for any and all advice!!
  2. beachbride7

    Aventura Spa Palace...

    Oh, wow! Just a week ago?!? CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Have you posted pics on here yet? I would LOVE to see them!!! After hearing your description, I'm actually pretty pumped about the lagoon now! ;*) Did you use an outside photographer? I'm hoping to use the one provided at the resort...but I've read mixed reviews on them here. What are your thoughts?? What did you think of the actual resort (rooms, food, etc.)? Thanks so much for letting me pick your brain...it's so great to be able to hear from those who have first-hand experience. I love this forum!!
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    Aventura Spa Palace...

    Wow!! Two weeks!! That's so exciting! You MUST let us know how it all goes and post pics. My fiance and I were thinking the same thing about the Moon Palace -- it just might be TOO big for us. Overall, ASP sounds amazing...my only worry is not being right on the beach; I LOVE the beach. However, I'm thinking it might be worth it in the end...plus, the pictures I've seen of the lagoon do look lovely...
  4. Hey ladies! I have been debating and debating on where to have my wedding moon. I think I've finally decided upon the Aventura Spa Palace...but I also like the Sun Palace and the Moon Palace. Any thoughts or suggestions? Did anyone else also debate between the different Palace resorts? What helped you make your final decision? Thanks so much!!!
  5. Hi ladies! I just started planning my destination wedding and find myself constantly debating on WHERE to have it!!! I think I have finally decided upon Mexico, but now I can't decide between the Aventura Spa Palace or Sun Palace. Did any of you debate between the various Palace hotels?? They all sound so wonderful; it's hard to choose. What made you pick ASP? Thanks for any and all advice!!!!
  6. beachbride7

    New and still trying to make a decision!!

    Where are you having yours?? I really can't decide. I'm leaning towards Aventura Spa Palace...my only worry is that it is on the lagoon...so there isn't a "real" beach...
  7. beachbride7

    New and still trying to make a decision!!

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!! I have been debating and debating...just when I think I've made my decision, I see something else that makes me think twice! I thought I was set on Mexico, but now I'm wondering if I might want to do a Caribbean Island instead! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Too many wonderful choices! ;*)
  8. Hi there! My name is Tonya and I'm in the beginning stages of planning a small destination wedding in July 2010. I've been debating on WHERE to have my weddingmoon and I believe I have finally narrowed it down to Mexico. However, now I am trying to decide between the various Palace resorts. I am leaning towards the Aventura Spa Palace...but I would love to hear any and all advice and input! Only my closest family and friends will be attending...we are not sure yet of the exact number, but probably 10 or less. I want the wedding to be small and intimate, but also beautiful and unforgettable for me and my fiance!! Thanks in advance for any and all advice!!!