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  1. Thanks so much for everyone's encouragement. I keep hearing that things pull together once you meet with the coordinator. I think we're finally making some headway with the plans...only 3 months to go and getting really excited to get out of this snowy cold weather! Dave and I were engaged at the GP last March...we had such an amazing time at the resort, great food, fun people, beautiful locations and could go on....that we did decide to bring family and friends back to the same spot. So if there's anyone out there that has not yet visited the resort, and maybe a bit nervous, rest assured you have nothing to worry about as it's a fantastic place. wedding: April 9, 2010 4pm gazebo Blue Lagoon
  2. Planning a wedding at GPJ in April 2010 and getting a bit frustrated with the lack of co-ordination at the resort. I seem to be having trouble getting any clear information as to what's going on. Just wondering if anyone else has been successful, or are you having similar issue? I'm beginning to think that I might have better luck taking everything off the resort and restarting the planning process.....
  3. Wow, that sounds awesome...I may be interested...I guess just waiting for more details. I think I saw something like this on tv once! Keep me posted!
  4. Hi there! You're wedding is coming up soon...how exciting! I'm getting married at Grand Palladium April 9, 2010. It's a beautiful resort, we got engaged there last March and decided to go back since we had such a great time! Just wondering how many guests you're having, what wedding package you chose and what you're plans are for dinner/reception. I'm in the process of trying to decided all of this now, and would love to compare ideas!
  5. Name: Sascha & Dave Location: Grand Palladium Jamica Wedding: April 9, 2010 in JA: 4/7/2010-4/14/2010 Can hardly wait...I need a vacation!
  6. Hello everyone! I'm getting married at the Grand Palladium Jamaica on April 9, 2010. The date is coming up quickly and I'm excited to get chatting with other brides who are getting married at this location.....I'm in the process of picking out a wedding package and getting the details ironed out, so if anyone has any tips or feedback, please send it my way!!!
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