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  1. ok i thought so..but then i was told what i got was good enough....guess i just keep my own name a little longer...thanks for the info
  2. i will soon....i dont know how to upload them tho...i will send you a link to see them as soon as i get them organized...
  3. What is the copy that you get when you get married there...i left Jamaica with a wedding certificate...did anyone else? Is this not the one that we need? I am confused someone help lol....Is there a certified copy or something we are suppose to wait for? I didnt even think to ask before I left what kind of wife am I lol
  4. I got married at GP in Dec 09. I had been there in June to check the resort out. It is by far one of the best resorts I have been to for many reasons It is absoulutley beautiful the people are amazing the rooms nice and clean the wedding gazebo is gorgeous and the wedding coordinators are great...i too started to panic a bit as I wasnt getting answers asap and i phoned to confirm everything and they did have it all I think everyone can imagine the number of emails they get a day. Lori told me thousands...i was a bit at ease as I already had been to the resort and knew exactly what I wanted...as the time got closer they were answering my emails and confirming details...Nina sent me an exact detailed contract of everything i had asked for with prices for everything which is something new they are doing..it is fantastic as you know exactly your cost before going to the resort...the wedding was PERFECT. I was organized myself and had brought down detailed instructions of seating arrangements menus for guest ect so they wouldhave a hard copy to look at but they definatley did there job and did it well....i assure you that everything will be perfect...we went to the gazebo for wedding then to the beach which they set up beautifully for toasting, cocktails and h'orderves which were fantastic we hired the mento band which were set up and playing as we arrived then we were off to the blue lagoon for a private dinner using the italian menu the waiters were fabulous they were singing to my husband and I we had hired the steel drum band during dinner then we went up to the infinity bar which is such a beautiful spot...there was a great band there which seemed like they were there for us and our wedding group they kept callin us up and doin special things then off to the disco....iknow its your wedding but try and stay calm it was the best day of my life so much fun so well taken care of everything was on time and done without a mistake.
  5. Just wanted to check in and let the Grand Palladium Brides know they can all breath a sigh of relief.....the resort pool was completely finished and perfect....the resort beautiful and after being there in june and december i am still ready to go back. I talked with Nina over email but literally bumped into her once while I was there. I dealt with Lori the entire time and she was fantastic. My wedding was exactly everything I asked for...they had everything perfect. You truley will have a beautiful wedding at this resort. Every single one of my guests loved it and are still going on about how great the resort was...any questions just ask...
  6. congrats...i am getting married there in 44 days...i was there in june it is beautiful and they just redid all their pools so should be perfect....happy planning
  7. Congratulations on your wedding i am getting married in dec this year...how was everything..i visited grand palladium in june and i have to agree...i am bringing my own photographer with me...there pics arent that great.
  8. I am so sorry to hear this that is awful....i will take 30 of the boxes with ordaments...pm me and i will give you details
  9. yes that is what i use and i get responses they are just slow sometimes.
  10. I was there in June and getting married there in December..I stayed on the jamaican side the first time in building 17..it was nice on the water but it was one of the farther ones..not that i found it all that far myself but i did hear some people complain...building 11 12 13 are close to the main facilities of the resort and you definately want one one the ocean which would be building 11-18 they are all in a row along the ocean....
  11. Have you been to the Grand Palladium before? How is your planning going so far? Are you doing it at the Gazebo or the beach?
  12. Good Morning, I am getting married at Grand Palladium Jamaica in December 09. I have been to the resort this past June. Thought that I would come on here to see how everyones planning is going and to get some ideas...
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