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  1. Yes i have had a very similar issue with my bridesmaid. We started planning our wedding a year ago and asked the bridesmaid and best man. My parents were paying for them but they just needed to pay for insurance and flight extras. They took ages to get passports sorted and arsed about getting money to us for those extras.....it got to the point where we would come away from their house and i would just moan to my fiance about how they arent trying to save and dont seem overly interested in coming to our wedding even though most of it is already paid for.


    I made the decision to let them know that i no longer wanted them to come and i would find somebody else because they just didnt seem overly interested or committed in coming. Well that went down like a ton of poo, and we dont really speak anymore. However, it is one less stress on me for the wedding, and i have asked another friend of mine who seems far more interested. It does mean that FI hasnt got a bestman anymore, as my original bridesmaids partner was my FI's best man. He is cool though because hes not into all traditional weddingy stuff and is happy to go without a best man as our wedding party only consists of 6 of us anyway.

  2. Well i know its traditional to walk down the isle with your dad, but im not sure what i am going to do yet. As there is only 6 of us at my wedding i think it seems a little over the top to do the whole walk down the isle with father thing. However i am undecided and not put much thought into it yet. I am going to arrive there and see what the WC suggests in the rehearsal. Although i get on with my dad, we are not really close and show our feelings.....more like a father son type relationship where we both just take the pee out of one another, maybe its cos ive got 2 brothers and im the only girl i dont know. Therefore it may feel weird for us to do the whole link arms and walk down the isle together thing.

  3. I made the same mistake of picking a friend once we knew we were getting married. At the time i was getting on really well with this friend and i knew my sister in laws would not be able to make a destination wedding so i chose this friend.


    Over the past year things have changed and i had to let my friend know that i no longer wanted her as a bridesmaid, it just didnt feel right anymore as we werent getting on like we used to. I now dont talk to her much at all and havent seen her for some time. Shame really, as we were once very good friends.


    I think the moral of the story is, when you know you are definately getting married have a good think about who you want to be involved before you jump in and ask people. You may end up loosing close friends if things change or you change your mind.

  4. I was umming and arring as to whether we should allow kids at our reception back in the uk after the wedding. My FI said that kids are what wedding receptions are all about, them running about like mad loonies playing together! I asked afew people what they thought and they said they would understand if i said no kids. However i decided to let people choose for themselves, kids are invited but if they want to get a babysitter and let their hair down for the night im happy with that.


    Basically its your wedding, so you should be able to decide who you want there. You just need to be prepared for some people to get offended.

  5. http://www.perfectsuits.co.uk/viart/product_details.php?item_id=451 I have ordered  a white suit from this site. We did want a cream one but they are end of line stock and they do not have my FI's size. I will let you know how it looks when it arrives. Its hard work trying to find a UK site with light coloured suits. Could not order from an overseas site because we only have 3 weeks left to go and it wouldnt be delivered in time...yes my fiance has left it too late, typical man lol

  6. I am with you on this one. My original bridesmaid peed me off, so i ditched her, which meant diching the best man too unfortunately. Luckily my FI doesnt mind not having a best man, and i am not taking another friend and her partner. As our party only includes 6 of us going out to Jamaica we dont really need to do the whole traditional thing of having to have a best man. We are only having a bridesmaid because i wanted one.


    Before i asked my friend to be bridesmaid we got on really well. Like yours she is my FI's best mates girlfriend and we just hit it off as mates too. Once i had asked her and time got closer things started to change. My parents were paying for thier trip to Jamaica and so all they needed to pay was any little extras, but they took sooo long to show any real commitment moneywise and so i got fed up and said i just cant go ahead with it. We argued lots cos they couldnt see it from my point of view, and now we dont see each other or talk much at all. My FI and his mate are still ok and see each other regularly so thats good.


    The way i saw it was...you need to be happy with every aspect of your special day, and if your not 100 per cent happy with somebody you have chosent to be in the wedding family, they have to go im afraid. All depends whether you are willing to fall out with a friend just to make your one and only wedding day what you really want it to be.


    Susan x

  7. Anybody else's due for their wedding or honeymoon?


    I get married 1st October and have just worked out that i am due on for the first week.


    I think i will have to get that pill from the docs that holds it off for abit, cos apart from worrying about wearing white, i dont want to feel like rubbish either.


    My only trouble is we wanted to start trying for a baby from our wedding night, but this will obviously be held off if i take this pill. How bad is that!!!

  8. Hi everyone


    I am new to the site....well kind of....i did post on here previously with a different username but thats because i forgot i had an account set up already.


    I am getting married in just over one month, on the 1st October. Starting to get quite excited and nervous now!!!


    Wish i had found the site sooner, as it seems to be really helpful and others have really good ideas.


    Chat to you all soon!


    Susan x

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