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  1. MichCraw, we booked via First Choice travel agents and we chose the Blissful Love wedding package. This included 10 free photos in the package. It is the resorts photographer, and we actually brought the disc with all 500 photos that he took on it.


    The flowers i had were artificial silk gerbera bouquets ordered from a lady on ebay who hand makes them. We could of had flowers included in our package, but they can only do their own kind of flowers (tropical), i would have had to pay alot of money if i wanted them to get me real gerbera daisies.

  2. leftyandlinz, no i havent been to beaches turks before.


    The cakes and colour themes you can pick when you get there, unless you know beforehand and you can tell Beverly your decision. When you arrive at the hotel can ask at reception if Beverly is available to talk to, they will ring her and she will come out to meet you. She arranged to meet with us the next day, and in approx 15-20 mins we went through all the details. We choose what we wanted to eat, what cake we wanted and i showed her my flowers i had brought with me. She matched the colour scheme to my flowers and we had red ribbons tied around the gazebo. Honestly you really dont have to worry about a thing, Beverly has been doing this for years and years and she is very competent at it.


    I believe you can pay extra to hire the gazebo for a beach party, you will need to ask Beverly about costs. We just had our meal and then the evening was like any other night sitting around drinking but there was only 6 of us. Think it would be worth while hiring the gazebo if there are lots of you. We just had a party when we got home to celebrate with everyone who couldnt make it to Jamaica.


    GBP is lovely, and i would definately return one day x

  3. Basically i think it depends what day you are getting married on as to what restaurant you get to eat in. The restaurants are not open everyday, they all open on different days, apart from the main buffet restaurant which is open daily.


    When we arrived we saw Bevely the next day to discuss everything. Just go to reception and ask them to ring Beverly to meet with you. She didnt ask us what restaurant we wanted to eat in, she just gave us a choice of starters, mains and desserts. Im assuming the grill was the only one open on the friday, or the only one with space for us. Beverly organises it all, you dont need to worry about a thing, unless you have specific requests then just let her know and she will sort it if she can.


    We chose:

    STARTER Chicken caeser salad.... Was lovely

    MAIN Crikey ive forgotten, think it was beef with selection of veg (the amount of wine you can drink with meal makes my memory fuzzy lol)

    DESSERT Apple Crumble...big portion but didnt come with custard

    Originally Posted by katelynn View Post

    congrads!! I love hearing all the wedding stories on here...sounds like your day was perfect :)


    My question is..when did you decide your restaurant - did you have to let Beverly know before? and what were your options to eat at for the Grill restaurant as thats the one I am leaning towards.

  4. My ceremony was at 1600 and dinner was booked for 1800. By the time the ceremony had taken place and the photographer had taken all the snaps he needed we only had about an hour to kill. We went into the golden room to cool down cos they have good air con in there, had a couple of drinks and then it was time for dinner.


    We had our wedding dinner in the grill restaurant. Beverly asks you to choose from options on the menu before the day, so you just sit down at the table and they bring out what you previously ordered. They decorated the table nicely, and the food was very nice.


    The wedding package we chose was Blissful love. We were given white chair covers, and the gazebo had white decorations and red ribbons to match our colour scheme.


    lol no i didnt go on the nudist beach. I did plan to walk round there just to have a look at the scenery (not of people but the land haha) but never got round to it. Plus people might look at you strangely if you walk along a nudist beach fully clothed. Abit gutted though cos i dont feel like i explored the grounds of the hotel enough, i need to go back there!!! 


    Originally Posted by schayer View Post



    I just started planning a wedding at GBPJ and only started experiencing what everyone said about Beverly. lol but i'm not too worried... yet.

    What time was your wedding and reception? for me they only had 12:00 and 2:00 available. So i took 2 but i'm worried having too much time. Our wedding will also be intimate. close family member and friend. What restaurant did  you have your reception at? where you happy with the decor and food? What package did you take? And last wedding related questions, did you have chairs covers?


    Also out of curiosity, did you go on the nude beach? Personnally, i'm not the type of person who is comfortable doing that. but i may try to do it for fun.


    Thanks !!

  5. I have my 10 free photos from the photographer on another thread, here is the link http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/64767/our-10-free-photos-from-gbp-jamaica#post_1464370 

    Originally Posted by mekanabr View Post

    Congrats and thanks for your review!!  Do you have any pictures to post?  I know we would all love to see them!!!  Thanks again for the info, it is frustrating waiting for replies from Beverly but I'm happy to hear everything went wonderfully!!

  6. My advice to all you GBP brides waiting to get married is dont worry, everytin is ire!!! No problem, yea mon!!!


    Seriously, for all those that are worrying because the WC Beverly is slow in replying to emails and not giving much info, you dont need to worry. When you arrive at the hotel you need to ask to see Beverly, the reception desk will call her and she will come out to see you to book a meeting with you. When you meet with her she goes through everything and it takes a matter of 15mins, mine was a small wedding so larger weddings may take a tiny bit more in discussion. The ceremony runs so smoothly, you dont not need to worry about a thing! After having spoken with Beverly you can trust that she will arrange everything without a hitch. She really is fab, along with her assistant Chandlyn.


    This is how my wedding went (just to give you an idea):


    We met in reception (me, bridesmaid, mum, dad, beverly, driver) and got into a GBP buggy (abit like a large golf buggy) and drove down to the gazebo to the top of the steps.

    Others were waiting down at gazebo (groom, bridesmaids partner who was fliming, minister, chandlyn, photographer, wedding helper).


    Beverly helped us all out of the buggy and down the steps (we had to take it easy as there had just been a massive down pour an hour earlier and the steps were wet).


    They started the music, my bridesmaid walked down first, followed by me and both my parents ( i had them both walk me down).


    Bride and groom stood infront of minister facing each other, everybody else stood either side.


    The minister asks who gives me away, there was a short silence until my dad realised it was him who was supposed to say 'i do' lol.


    The vows are read out (we took our own). The bride and groom kiss!!


    Bride and groom sit down to sign certificate (i thought i had to sign my new signature, but you dont, you sign with your old signature for the last time). Then witnesses sit to sign the certificate, this was my mum and dad.


    We then had a champagne toast and a couple of photos. Then the first dance, and then the cake cutting.


    Afterwards the photographer took us over onto the rocks to have photos taken with the sea behind us. We then walked back up and around the swimming pool to have a couple of photos taken around the hotel gardens.


    We had an hour or so to burn so we sat in the gold room where there was air conditioning and drinks! I went to get changed out of my dress because i just couldnt sit down and eat comfortably in it, was a shame but at least i got to wear the dress again at my UK reception.


    We had dinner in the grill restaurant where they decorate your table.


    All in all it was a fabulous day, and i had nothing to worry about. It all flowed really well, and i wish now that i could do it all again!!!


    If you need to know anything more then just ask, im happy to talk about my experience x

  7. lol isnt it funny how you just have sudden panics about the wedding. I think of things and suddenly my stomach does a little flip. Glad im not the only one!

    Originally Posted by Nicyx View Post

    I seem to have hit a dead end lately.... Not really done anything weddingy for a while... feel a bit of a spare part lately :-(


    Im off for a fortnight after ths week so no doubt my wedding head will come back then, and i can start getting a few more things together and re-working my list etc :-)


    I would love to get an outside vendor for photog, if it was maybe just a matter of cost for that i would be ok, but just cant affort a nights stay for one!! Would work out way too expensive i think.... i have emailed our resort photog for samples but not heard back yet.....


    Great idea having both mum and dad.... You make me laugh Susan..... with your "and they BOTH did make you after all lol" comment!! Haha :-)


    Michelle... WOW... Love the length of ya list.... Fantastic...... :-)


    ARGH....... 7 Months, 3 weeks and 1 day for us, Cant believe were nearly in the 6 months...... It has flew since May when we booked it..... It scares me when i think about it as i havent even ordered my dress yet!!!! ARGHHHHH..... Roll on my weeks off work...... I need my wedding head back :-)

    Shit, i havent ordered my dress... reading that back i have just scared myself even more!!!



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