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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by sgathercole I am getting married in January of 2011. Everyones information was very helpful. I just have one more question. How long prior to your wedding date did you start getting the papers legalized, both for the wedo or the dominican embassy here in Canada? Thanks in advance Sandy Hi sgathercole, Your legalized docs are only good for 3 months, so it is a good idea to have them done 3 months prior to your wedding date. I just sent mine to WEDO last Thursday, just waiting for them to come back. This is piece of info is from the Canada Dominican Embassy website: Please take into account that once your documents are legalized by this Embassy or a Dominican Consulate, they will be valid for three (3) consecutive months from the legalization date. A divorced bride cannot get married until 10 months have passed after the divorce is official, unless her intended husband is the same person she has divorced. If this is your case, please keep in touch with us as there may be new legal changes on this matter. Cheers, Cara
  2. Hi Everyone, I am in the process of sending my paperwork away to WeDo.com.do and I was just wondering if anyone from Canada has done this and are they reliable? Is the documents legit in DR? I just want to be sure. lol Also, if you have sent your paperwork to WeDo, do you who the certified cheque or money order needs to made out to...is it We Do? Thank you so much for your help! Cheers, Cara
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by trance_angelx0x I got it done at the Dominican Embassy here in Ottawa. It costs $360 USD $100 to legalize the single status affidavit (one for you, one for your DH) $40 to translate each document (2 birth certificates and 2 single status affidavit) You can always opt to get the documents translated by a certified translator but the Canadian dollar right now is pretty good so it will maybe cost you $50 less not to do it through the Embassy. The documents are good 3 months following legalization. Hi trance_angel, I am just wondering who I should make the certified cheque or money order out to, would it be made to the "Dominican Republic Consulate"? I am also very confused as to which office I should send my paper work to. example: Toronto Consulate, DR Embassy in Ottawa or the Consulate in Montreal?? Thanks and congrats Cara
  4. cararyan01

    Dreams Palm Beach?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Chelymo I'm not doing a private dinner, after speaking with Melani she advised that she would help us in getting dinner reservations for our group of 60 at the World Cafe which is the buffet style restaurant. Since my group is so large we could not reserve in another restaurant. But if you have a smaller group she could probably get you into one of the other restaurants. Good Luck! Hi Chelymo, Congrats on your upcoming Wedding!! That is a good size group that is going with you to share in your special day!! Do you know if you can choose what is serve for the buffet style? I talked to Melani and she did tell me that I can book an A La Carte if I have 25 or less people...I am thinking if it is slightly over this number I might negotiate because 2 of the 25 I have right now are children under 5 years old so I don't think add up to an Adult price!! When you are already at an All-Inclusive... Cheers, Cara
  5. cararyan01

    Dreams Palm Beach?

    Quote: Originally Posted by taratoons Not according to what Melani told me, and showed me. They can't reserve the a la carte restaurants, and they don't have any terraces. For a welcome dinner or rehearsal dinner, she said they could reserve off part of the buffet, but it wouldn't be very private. I have officially confirmed my date with Dreams Punta Cana, but I will keep updated on this thread, as I really did enjoy my time at Dreams Palm Beach, and would love to share any information that people need! Hi, I am new to this site and noticed some valuable wedding info for the DPB. My Fiance and I have booked our trip and have confirmed our wedding date and time for Feb 26, 2010 @ 12:00pm. I was just wondering if you have received any more info back from Melani about opting out of the "Private" Dinner? Thanks and Congrats to you!
  6. Hi Everyone, Just wondering about the wedding aspect of the dreams palm beach in Punta Cana, Dominican. MY Fiance and I are planning to be there for 2 weeks leaving Feb 23, 2010 and the wedding date and time is confirmed for 12:00 on Feb 26, 2010. Just wondering if there are free room upgrades through the resort for when you get married? Also, can you opt out of the "Private" Dinner?? Thanks and looking forward to February!!