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  1. Hey Everyone! We were married last Friday in Key West (YAY!) and it was the most relaxing, stress-free day of my life. ~I get very few of those anymore with grad school. Everything was very laid back & relaxed - just the way we wanted it. WeddingsToGo took care of everything for us. Ray and Eileen were wonderful and I have no doubt that they could handle anything thrown their way. The pictures are perfect and the flowers were gorgeous!!! We were married on Smathers Beach and had beautiful weather! We opted for a morning wedding and were very happy we did as it started to warm up quickly. Rachel
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    dining in Key West

    We are getting married in Key West next Friday (YAY!) We have everything thing planned except places to eat - we will be there for about 4 days. I've looked at all kinds of menus online and checked TripAdvisor, but I am really hoping to get some "real life" opinions. I am excited to have fresh seafood! Any opinions, tips, 'must eat here's', or 'don't eat there's' would be greatly appreciated!!! Rachel
  3. I'm sorry you have to deal with all that! What a pain! I think that some people will just complain to complain, it doesn't matter what you do. IMO - $580 is a REALLY great deal!!! We didn't invite anyone - except our parents & siblings. We decided that before we told anyone, we would have an AHR and everyone could come to that. I wanted a relaxing day and less stress in planning. Quote: "I don't understand why he didn't just find a girl from around here." Victoria - my jaw dropped when I read that. Can you 'uninvite' someone
  4. I think #1 & #3 look absolutely beautiful on you! I agree with the other comments about "the one". I didn't get that either, but I really love the one I chose.
  5. Thank you everyone! Great ideas!!! We had thought about moving the date, but because of his work schedule, my grad school & living in KS right now, we just couldn't find a different time. lnf_munchkin - could you give me a little more info on your electronic save-the-date? website? I would really like to do an electronic announcement/STD with info about the AHR. I will probably mail an invite a couple months prior and have guests RSVP to our website. Keira - I love your idea too! would you mind sharing your verse? Rachel
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    We opted for Key West during the low season to help keep costs down -- for both our guests and ourselves. The other thing we needed to consider was that no one (including us) has a passport -- just an additional cost that would shrink our budget. Best of luck!
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    Hello:) New & overwhelmed!!

    Congratulations!!! I don't know anything about either of these vendors. Best of luck in your search! Rachel
  8. We are getting married in Key West in 2 weeks and planning a BBQ style reception at home (in MI) next June. The wedding is very small - just our parents & siblings. Here is where I am having trouble: Do I need to send out an announcement immediately following the wedding? Do I include info about the reception then? Or do I wait to send a reception invitation 2 mos in advance? I really would prefer not to send out 2 mailings due to our budget, but I'm thinking this may be the best.
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    Headed for Key West!!!

    Thank you for the warm welcome and words of advice!
  10. I love the tonal idea ~ that would be my choice in blue (if I had bridesmaids). You could do this with any color - do you have a front runner? I looked for pics too. I couldn't find any, but I did find an OK example. You will need to click on the blue color swatch to see what I was thinking: Wedding Color Schemes - Style & Fashion Guide best of luck with everything!
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    Headed for Key West!!!

    Hi, My name is Rachel. My fiance (BJ) and I have been together for just over 2 years and decided to get married about 2 months ago. We are getting married on Smathers Beach in Key West over my fall break from grad school - October 16th. We are going super simple and laid back with less than 10 guests - just our parents & siblings. We are planning to have a backyard BBQ style reception in Michigan sometime in early June. So I am also looking for suggestions on how to word a reception invitation. I'm having trouble since the events are so far apart from each other. I don't want to send an announcement out immediately following the ceremony due to our budget (school is expensive). Also, this is my second - his 1st - so should we register for gifts Rachel