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  1. What a great idea on the detail inside the ring. love that!

    Originally Posted by Vancouver Bride View Post

    Hi ladies


    Here is my engagement ring (Blue Nile) and wedding band (Spence Diamonds) both are platinum. My FI picked out the engagement ring himself and I absolutely love it! We picked out the wedding band together. I tried on more blingy wedding bands, but they distracted from the solitaire. I also wanted a wedding band I could wear everyday forever, and not worry about damaging at work. Both of our wedding bands have a gold infinity symbol with our birthstones on the inside. 








    Here is my FI wedding band. He wanted a textured ring that wouldn't show scratches at work. He designed it himself with a local Vancouver jeweler.







  2. I had my wedding recp. at the Garden Grill. Very good food!

    Originally Posted by kch727 View Post


    Has anyone decided where to have their private reception?  We have the option of the Garden Grill, Il Capricio or Piscis (which I've heard is quite big so probably too big for the 35 or so guests we will have).  Also, just wondering if anyone has heard about the quality of food from the Garden Grill and the Il Capricio?  The menus from both places look good but you never know!  Has anyone else seen pictures of these venues?  I have some if anyone would like a peek.


    Il Capricio









    Garden Grill












  3. I really love this ring! have u thought what kind of wedding band you will get?

    Originally Posted by Mbride View Post

    My Ring! My Fiance designed it ! I made sure he was heading in the right direction - the choices he pointed out casually in the stores were not my style.. The engagement itself, even though I sorta knew he was shopping around, still came as a big surprise.DSCN3252.JPG

  4. I LOVE these! who makes them? where did you find them????

    Originally Posted by krsmith View Post

    I was IN LOVE with my shoes! Pink is my favorite color and it was the main color in our "theme", so it fit in perfectly. I LOVED how it also had some bling in it...I do love to sparkle! I ended up getting these last minute at Nordstrom for around $130 about 3 weeks before we left and they ended up being perfect! They are Steve Madden Partyy-R in Fuschia! 













    I have pink in my wedding band.

    Originally Posted by KerriCornell View Post

    Just wanted to add mine to the thread.  I was so happy to see other brides with colorful diamonds/gemstones.


    I asked for big and colorful...and I think he nailed it :)




    ring1.JPG                                           ring2.JPG




  6. I got married at the Bahia and love it.

    Just and FYI its a very LARGE resort. Some ppl like this other dont.

    any questions, ask away.


    Originally Posted by Dominican Ally View Post

    I love the Dreams resorts. I'm currently pricing Dreams La Romana, Ocean Blue Punta Cana, and Grand Bahia Principe - I figured it will give me a range of prices and options - then I will feel out guests for their price points, and pick the resort that fits most people's budgets.


    I will feel so much better once I pick a resort!


  7. thank you so much. I love your as well!!!!

    Originally Posted by MichCraw View Post

    All I have to say about this ring .... is WOW , and that color of flower, really brings out the sparkle of you diamonds.. LOVE it!


    I had no idea they made diamonds in pink ! If I had known... I think this is the most beautiful band i've ever seen! How beautiful is the picture with the pink rose!! Love it, Congrats!



  8. Do you have any photos? Would love to see them.

    Originally Posted by MelissaandDave View Post

    I would higly suggest the HRH for a larger group. I recently had my wedding there and it is truly amazing! We had 56 total in our group for the wedding and everything was fabulous. It is a very large resort but  it will accomodate everyone with their likes. We were overwhelmed the first day by how big the resort is but you get used to it by your second day. The price of the wedding package was non-comparable and we received our 7 nights back so bride and groom stayed free (depending on how many nights you book with your party). We also had unlimited private functions and they were really upscale.


    If you do book HRH I highly recommend you use HDC Photography. They are very easy to communicate with and are very reasonably priced. Our pictures are beautiful and our photographer Miljan was absolutely fabulous. He was very professional and personable at our wedding.  My husband hates getting his photo taken but somehow Miljan made him not mind.  Multiple guest have contacted my family after the wedding to inquire about information on the photography company. We got our wedding disc before we left the resort and within 3 weeks we received our wedding book. Couldn't have picked a better company!!


  9. LOL tell me about it.Its an excuse lol. thanks for your nice comments. I am loving all your pics you posted in your thread.

    Originally Posted by leigh2011 View Post

    Ashley -
    Why is it that men have to grab the booty when doing the dip kiss?!  That is what my husband did too right after the ceremony.


    All 3 of the pictures you posted make it obvious that you two are able to smile and laugh together - which is a great start to a long happy marriage.



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