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  1. You will love the Cayman Islands. I have some older posts on this site as we were married in Nov 2009. Our wedding is currently featured in the 2011 Destination Cayman island magazine. We used several local vendors ie Celebration for some decor, linen, chairs, plate chargers. They were very professional. We worked with Keisha and she worked well with our wedding planners from the Ritz and Lisa Konecny from E-events. Enjoy the planning, but really enjoy the moment!
  2. I am sure you will be pleased with her. SHE'S FANTASTIC!!!
  3. I was mistaken...our reception was in the Rembro room, not Kirk B. Kirk B was a room we used for getting welcome bags together...sorry
  4. If I am not mistaken, the Wilson room is next to the Rembro and is a decent size room. Neither the Rembro or Wilson have windows....Maybe have her set up the tables family style or something other than traditional rounds. We had a DJ but you might consider ipod. We rented a docking station from the hotel for our welcome reception and that worked really well. We downloaded our favorite music and it was great. We also downloaded some of the music selections we wanted for the wedding and rented the sound system. We had to put the music for the wedding on a drive(?) and give it to the technician. Having a DJ might be fun though..I can look at my billing statements and give you the price for the DJ we had ( he was recommended by the Ritz and was very good...are you going to have someone keep things moving ie toast, dance, etc., We did our first dance as people entered the room and did not do stuff like garter toss, bouquet toss etc., Hope this helps! Lisa
  5. What time is your wedding? our wedding was on the lawn at 4. We had a cocktail hour with a steel pan band and cigar rollers for 1 hour. This was was on the lawn also. Then we moved inside for the dinner reception. Which room are you using for the reception? I think we were in the Kirk B. The Ritz doeshave an option that would allow you to let guests pick their dinner selection on the night of the reception. That might work well since you have a smaller group.
  6. My hairdresser came down with me. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to find anyone there who could do my hair. You are getting married at the Ritz, right? If so, Tami Corday can recommend someone I'm sure or perhaps contact Celebrations the other major event planner on the island and ask them for a recommendation. When is your wedding? Happy planning!!! Let me know if there are other questions, I'm happy to assist if I can. Lisa C
  7. We have some wedding pics posted on our wedding planners website. Her name is Lisa Konecny from E events. www.e-eventsdesign.net. Our photographer was Garrett Nudd. Go to her blog and enter Lisa and Keith Hargrove to view our pics and as well as wedding video. THe video was done by Jeffrey Stoner. Both are excellent! Lisa
  8. Stephanie Ford Ransoon is a private makeup artist. her email address is stephford@gmail.com , She does have a website/ The person I did a trial run from Spa to Go was Helen. I believe she is from England. Lisa
  9. Stephanie Ford uses MAC and she was excellent!! She uses model in a bottle (I think that is the name) as a finishing spray. I got married in November so it was very warm and I did not want my makeup to run. I also had a makeup session with Helen at Spa to Go and she uses MAC products as well. Both are very professional but I prefered Stephanie's makeup style better and loved my photos! Lisa
  10. There is local blown glass of turtles; there is also local honey; we used the rum cakes and the pepper jelly in our bags with maps and places to go in out bags. Hope this helps! Lisa
  11. Are you going there for spa services or for wedding makeup? I did not use spa services as we stayed at the Ritz. The spa does come highly recommended. Makeup artist was good but I ended up using a woman named Stephanie who works with a lot of MAC products. Â I got married in the Cayman Islands in November 2009. Hope this helps. Â Lisa
  12. I got married in the Cayman Islands on November 14, 2009 at the Rtiz Carlton hotel. We had about 95 guests....We originally expected about 50. Our rehearsal dinner was held at the Wharf...it has a spectacular view and really good food and drinks.We did welcome bags and contacted the Tortuga rum company directly to order rum cakes and pepper jelly and some crackers as treats to stuff our Welcome bags. We found the prices to be less expensive ordering directly through the company than ordering through a vendor or from the store. Depending on your budget, there are some really cute blown glass objects like little turtles, stingrays that might be cute Welcome bag ideas and also a wedding favor. Lisa Should you have any questions, I am more than happy to help.
  13. We are delivering the gift bags to the hotels where the guests are staying so that they can be delivered to their rooms upon check in.
  14. I am getting married there in November..November 14, 2009. THe wedding will be held in the garden, a cocktail reception on the lawn and then the reception will be in one of the ballrooms. We expect about 60-70 people. Email me and I will be happy to share the information I have found. Lisa
  15. I'm getting married in the Cayman Islands in November..11/14/09 at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Seven Mile Beach. We are expecting about 50 people to attend. We are trying to decide on a rehearsal dinner location and are looking at the Grand Old House and the Wharf. Has anyone been there? How is the food? view? ambience? Any ideas for welcome bags? Using any local things as gifts? Looking forward to chatting with you! Lisa
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