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    In-suite reception

    I live in Vegas, I have looked around and for me, I found that paris with Bally's has a in suite with catering for your number of guest. They even have different suites , on is a two story, maybe that would work, it was reasonable,,, did you pick where your ceremony will be? Paris chapel is beautiful. Leesha
  2. LeeshaS

    Viva Las Vegas

    HI, I'm new here also and I'm getting married in Vegas, I live here though. Where are you getting married? Leesha
  3. LeeshaS

    Flower help!!

    I think that if you are having trouble deciding because of the money that is spent, but you had your heart set on real flowers, what you could maybe do is, get yourself the bouqet that you desire(Think about in the future saying, I wish I would have) and possibly getting your bridesmaids the real touch? They may not be exactly the same as your bouqet, but eye focus will be on you, not your bridesmaids...... Just a thought.
  4. HI, I have to tell you that this is the most amazing gown!!! I also will be wearing this gown. Our stories sound much alike, I had another gown, but at a bridal expo I saw this and absolutely fell in love. You are the only one I have found wearing this gown in a upcoming wedding,, could you tell me what type of jewelry and all those types of goodies,, I need ideas!!! Again, Amazing gown and you look beautiful in it!! I think it takes a certain body type to wear it and you look great!! I'm not sure if i'm using the cap sleeves myself yet, I like them, they kinda give the gown a fairy type of look, I think anyways. Enjoy! Try to get back with me if you have time. My wedding is April 24,09, I'm originally from south jersey, now I live in Vegas.