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  1. I got a plastic three pink roses. It's weird because that's the first time he gave me plastic roses. According to him, it represents his undying love. It won't die out through time. It's so sweet of him to think like that considering he's a quite type of guy. Until now, the roses are still in my closet, no smell with infinite life.
  2. I just saw Miss Universe today and witnessed the very enchanting Bahamas. It would be a very cool place for honeymoon. Lovely beaches and the crafts for souvenirs are all beautiful. I can see in the ladies eyes that they all enjoyed their stay in the tropical island. Magnificent place.
  3. At my friend's wedding last 2007, all her bridesmaid were her friends (I'm not one because I was pregnant that time) and they are all professionals so she just asked all of them to pay for their own dress. They all agreed. Mine, my bridesmaids were all teenagers so I paid for all of them. So I think it depends on the financial stability of your bridesmaids. So can ask them if they have the money to pay for it. Anyway they are the owner of the dress unless rented.
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