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  1. I requested site visit quotes for all of the resorts I was interested in visiting. Unfortunately, It was cheaper just to purchase a package on Orbitz then it was to pay per night with the special rate since we still have to purchase our flights.

    What I did do though is after I booked, I emailed the hotel to ask for preference of room, etc. and had them note that I was scheduled to meet with the wedding planners during my stay. I'm pretty sure this will give us a little special treatment if anything.

  2. I actually just rcv'd an email response from her regarding our up-coming site visit on Sunday, Jan 29th.



    Originally Posted by Ahand85 View Post
    Is anyone having trouble getting in contact with Valeria? She is my wedding coordinator and up 'til now has been very good at responding to my emails. I am wanting to start planning the reception and I haven't received a response to my email(s) in a week now. OR, am I just being paranoid and need to be more patient?
  3. Hi Everyone! So excited to finally see this thread go up... I've been "lurking" since our engagement in July 2009 and have been having major wedding envy reading about the 2010 brides.

    I never imagined myself having a long engagement but due to LOTS of close friends getting married in the upcoming months, and being the MOH in a 10/10/10 destination wedding in the Bahamas for my best friend, I decided I wasn't going to step on anyone's toes. The FI and I decided after only a few weeks of being engaged that we wanted a June 2011 wedding in Mexico.

    We're going down to the Riviera this March for 8 days to meet with a few of our vendors and do some site visits. We're set on getting married at the Grand Palladium in their new chapel but will still be visiting Dreams Tulum and El Dorado Royale to see if they can 'sway' us, but we're pretty sure the Grand Palladium is going to blow us away. It has the whole package and I can already picture the entire wedding from start to finish in that location.

    We're hoping for the date June 17, 2011 and I don't think I'll have a problem securing it since it is SO far in advance. The only issue will be waiting for the price list, but I'm hoping they'll still let me book the date when we visit.

    A bit of advice though for you ladies - most of my vendors I have booked or are holding their prices (until I come back from our visit with the exact date) because being that I was asking for price lists so early, most are willing to give me the 2009/10 pricing if I put down the deposit now. I've already saved a few hundred dollars this way! Really the way I see it, I'm only booking 4-6months sooner than I would have.

    Excited for Dec 31, 2010 when 2011 is no longer Sooooo far away. The way I've been planning you would think I'm having a 2010 wedding, What can I say - I just know what I want? Can't wait for us to confirm the date so I can start making purchases. I have my entire wedding mapped out on a powerpoint file - from ceremony decor and cakes to each item in the OOT bags to everything everyone is going to wear down to their underwear! (literally, MY underwear!)

    So excited to start reading your posts 2011 brides!

  4. I would make a list of what your priorities would be regarding the ceremony and start your search there.

    Are you looking for religious or just spiritual? Will you legalize at home before arriving @ the destination or do you want to make it legal in your location? Do you want a chapel or beach/gazebo? Do you want a certain themed reception, like on the beach or in a restaurant? Are you happy dealing with the wedding coordinator / package provided by the hotel or would you like to bring in your own people? Are all-inclusive's easier for your guests or do you not care and just want the best for your ceremony? Do passports matter?

    etc. etc.

    I've run into some of these issues when starting to plan. At first I thought of avoiding the passports all together in hopes of having more guests so I was looking into Puerto Rico or the USVI's.... but then the more I looked into the options for ceremony locations I really felt that it wasn't what was in my heart, and those places really wouldn't mean anything to us. Low and behold here I am looking into Mexico which we LOVE. Now I also, after discussing with my family, will be having a Catholic ceremony which limits my ceremony/hotel/reception locations drastically. In Mexico I need to be married in an approved Chapel. Also if I want to make it legal, I will need to arrive 4 days before hand and go through the extensive "check-list" to make sure we can do that.

    Sorry for exhausting post - but I think that's your best bet. Sit down with your FH and jot out a list of whats important to you. That should help with the process of narrowing down locations.

    Hope I could help a little!

  5. Hi Everyone -

    I'm desperately trying to get ahold of someone at XCaret so I can get more information regarding their weddings/receptions as well as price list but I've had no luck.....

    I figured I'd give it a shot and see if there were any brides that had this info already that could email it to me, as well a working contact for their special events.

    [email protected]

    We've called the phone # on their website to the special events dept, and they pretty much claimed they didn't speak english.

    I've tried a few emails, again... no response. From what I've read so far on the forums, it seems to be pretty common in dealing with the park. frown.gif

    again, I would really appreciate any info at this point.


    Thanks again!

  6. I'm not able to view the files... would someone kindly email them to me?

    I'd really REALLY appreciate it. Thanks so much!

    [email protected]



    Originally Posted by Jaime View Post
    I just got info from Julieta at the eco-park she replied within 2 days from my email request. I will post the info she gave me as long as I can figure out how to do it :) Note that there will be a 10% increase in 2009 approx. Hope this helps those of you interested. I plan to visit the ecopark next week and will post an update when I return.
  7. Hi Everyone!

    my name is Adrianne and I'm planning a June 2011 DW in the Riviera Maya.

    Hoping to find a great resort that can accomodate all of my family and celebrate a Catholic ceremony (give or take).

    I'm currently looking into:

    Dreams Cancun

    El Dorado Royale

    El Dorado Maroma

    Excellence Playa Mujeres

    Gran Caribe Real Cancun


    Well now that I'm thinking, I'm not really sure about any! wink.gif A Catholic ceremony would make my mother ecstatic but the fact is, I want a gorgeous wedding & reception on the beach, the one of my dreams.

    If anyone can recommend any of the above, photos would be a BIG ++, please PM me. Any help or recommendations I can get would be amazing! Which I guess is why I'm here on this forum.

    I've been finding out SO much already. Thanks to everyone!cheers.gif

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