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  1. Thanks for the photos, Matt! And thank you everyone else for the feedback. You just re-confirmed everything I thought I already knew about Sara - she's wonderful! and I have my full trust in her. Although, Sara I've also been emailing you since the beginning of April. I haven't received a response. I've been emailing on your saratamargo.com email address.. When you get a chance, I have a few questions if you could get back to me. Thanks Also, I didn't realize she would fly in - I thought she was local to the RM. I am only getting trials on myself as well as wedding day hair/makeup for me, and hair for both mothers. Sara confirmed my date knowing this so I hope it's not an issue! My wedding date is June 17th - Matt is she still going to be staying with you? Thanks again everyone!
  2. I've booked Sara Tamargo but wanted to get some advice from other brides that have used her... there seems to be little information out there.. but the few she has worked with seem to absolutely recommend her. I'm super excited to have her do my make-up and hair, I know it'll be great... ... but I was a little leery that after booking she did not require a deposit or contract. It's so laid back, I feel like there's no way for me to tell if she'll show for my wedding - just have to take her word for it I guess. I know she comes from a reputable place being the sister of Sol from Del Sol..... Bridezilla in me wants a contract to confirm everything! Could anyone post a review on this thread and photos if you've worked with Sara for your wedding? I would love to see and love to hear. Thanks!
  3. Is there anyone getting married at the Grand Palladium around June 17th that would like to go half on a dance floor? PM me.
  4. Hi - I'm going to be using Sara Tamargo and would love to hear from other brides that have used her for their wedding. She seems really nice and a doll to work with, but I was a little concerned w/ the communication via email and the fact that their is no contract/deposit or confirmation. Everything is just really laid back. I'm sure she'll show, but I would feel a lot better hearing from others about their experiences. Thanks!
  5. I am currently looking to rent a white vinyl dance floor for my wedding on June 17th at the Grand Palladium. So far I am only coming across lighted dance floors, but that's not something I really want. Does anyone know pricing or can recommend someone that I could rent it from? Since the lighted floors are being quoted at $750, I am really looking to spend under $500 for the vinyl. Thanks!
  6. Home Fragrance - Travel sized Chalkboard Tin Candle Set DETAILS Scented soy candle in reusable ceramic pot with chalkboard finish. Includes red, green and white chalk. 35-40 hours of burn time. -Color: Black-100% soy wax-Made in the U.S.A. SIZE & FIT3" D x 3¾" H.Weight: 7 oz. Great for the wedding OOT bags! POMEGRANATE SCENT ~ 7 sets available - 3 candles in each set. Please see my listing to purchase or for more info: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330520567467&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT
  7. Pink Wedding Garter Set - NEVER WORN! (purchased online and they were the wrong color.) Beautifully hand-crafted. The photos speak for themselves. See more photos in the listing. Please refer to my listing if you are interested: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330517263191 Any questions, please send me a msg. Thanks
  8. Hi, I am selling a pair of Steve Madden men's white loafers. The style is "jaxon". They run a little big so I had to size down for my groomsmen. I am selling them thru ebay so please refer to the listing if you are interested: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330517429779&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT Thanks!
  9. Edward Berger Veil, #4357 2 Tier, Elbow-length, w/ Blusher Color: Diamond White Clean edge, Scattered Rhinestones throughout. NEVER WORN, TAGS STILL ATTACHED. Retails for $200, I got a great deal and paid $85. Asking $70 obo. $6 Flat Shipping. I've listed it on ebay so the best thing is for you to purchase thru the listing. The Photos are also there for you to see. If you'd like it right away please send me a message and we can work something out, or just use Buy It now. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330517437524 I bought this before my dress, and when it came in, the color no longer worked. I need an Ivory veil. any questions just ask Thanks!
  10. I finally heard back from Erika and we confirmed our date last week - June 17, 2011! She didn't mention a wedding packet though, if someone could send it to me I would appreciate it =)
  11. I have been having that HARDEST time trying to get ahold of Rocio since the middle of April. Has anyone been in contact with her?? I'm trying to book my date, she said we couldn't book until the beginning of May, and now it's May and she won't respond to any of my emails. Not freaking out too bad, but my save-the-dates are on hold for production until I can get a response..... :*(
  12. Also girls - Rocio has a floor plan for the private reception that she can send to you for seating charts. She actually requests that you do do a seating chart for her reference. She will be able to send you the square table option and the round table option. I specifically remember her telling me the round fits 10, they use a specific chair for this table so they are able to fit more, and also this chair is the one you are able to put the chair covers on so it looks nicer. Ask her for photos! For the square tables, they pretty much do 2 people on each side, totaling 8 people for these tables. They can do linens, but not chair covers since they still use the restaurant chairs for these tables. Again, call me crazy but I was just there with her 3 weeks ago. She is super friendly and willing to send photos and seating charts, all you have to do is ask!
  13. I think there is a lot of confusion here... to have a REAL private reception (min 40ppl) at Gran Azul or La Laguna - there is a fee for dinner per person, ranging from $50-$60. I have the menu list sitting right here with me that Rocio just gave me March 22nd. You have to choose 1 menu for all of your guests, there are about 12-15 to choose from, and most are $55... there are only a few that are $60. Here is where you can bring a DJ.... you get 4 hours for the reception, but you are also in a buffet restaurant this is closed off only to your party so I doubt they would kick you out if it ran over. Rocio and I had discussed having my reception from 6:30-10:30.. which I think is plenty of time. Beforehand I am having a 1hr 45min cocktail hour, so my guests should be pretty winded by 10:30... hopefully! If you have under 40ppl (over 40 you MUST pay extra for a private reception as above) you can have the complimentary reception (you don't have to pay) where you are offered a blocked-off space in one of the restaurants - they can even decorate for you. This is not something I would consider fully private... so to say it is private would be misleading. You are basically cornered off in one of the restaurants but there are still guests tables surrounding your area. You cannot have a DJ or do your dancing in the restaurants, you would have to take it somewhere else after dinner. Most girls I think have just went to the lobby bars, disco, or pool areas.
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