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  1. Hi Ladies! I have a question for the women who have already gotten married at the GSP/GRP. How long, approximately, did it take you to walk down the aisle? I'm trying to plan what song I'll be walking down to, and from looking at pictures it looks like a pretty long walk. I didn't want to pick a song that was too short, and then be left walking down in silence. Thanks!
  2. Hi Carie! I'm getting married at GSP on May 27!! We're having a friend photograph the wedding for us, so we didn't need their photographer. I agree that the price tag is a bit ridiculous. I found Eduardo Machuca while searching pictures on line: cancun playa del carmen mayan riviera mexico photographer wedding family portrait event Not sure what his prices are, but worth looking into. Good luck and Congrats!! Just a quick question, and feel free to PM me on this, is the $500 too much, or is it that you only get 30 pictures? I ask because, and I'm not promising anything because I'm not sure of his rates and how long he's staying after the wedding, but since my friend is coming with his equipment, maybe he'd be willing to photograph you guys as well.
  3. Hi Everyone- First, just got to say that this forum has been great. I haven't posted anything but my first introduction, but I have found so much info on here so far! I mostly haven't posted anything because I wasn't sure when and where I was going to get married. Originally I was thinking Privilege Aluxes on Isla Mujeres, but after going and doing a site inspection, it just didn't fit my needs. The hotel was beautiful, but the service and most importantly (for me anyway) the food was sub-par. Also, I'm planning on having a very diverse group of guests, and I don't think there would be enough to keep everyone entertained. Isla Mujeres is gorgeous though, and I recommend going there for a honeymoon, or day trip. So that being said, I think I'm moving it towards Playa Del Carmen. My FI and I stayed at the Grand Sunset Princess last June, and I think we're going to have all of our guests stay there. We're also going to have the ceremony there, but not the reception. Without going into details, I'm just going to say that after speaking with the WC there, I don't want to have the reception there. Nothing against her, the hotel is just a bit too inflexible for me. I'm pretty sure, though I haven't set anything in stone, that I'm going to have the reception at Blue Parrot in Playa Del Carmen. Paula has been great, and everything fits my budget. Does any one have experiences and/or feedback they'd like to share with me? I'd love to see pictures, and hear first hand if I could. Thanks!
  4. Hi Everyone! My name is Jazmin and I'm getting married on Isla Mujeres, in Mexico! Haven't settled on a date, but sometime in May, 2010.
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