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  1. The gentleman Marlun at the hotel took amazing photos but he was not sociable at all! He had no "people skills" and didn't take photos of my family, bridal party or anything. I would probably suggest going elsewhere if photos are a pretty big deal to you. Luckily I had hired a videographer there so I wasn't too upset because he got all of the shots that the photographer did not.
  2. Thank you! Your day will be just as awesome and it'll be here before you know it! I had a blast- that is the key, dont worry about anything and really trully enjoy the moment.
  3. Thank you! You're day will be just as awesome and here before you know it. Whatever you do- plan to enjoy it!!!
  4. I had my wedding on June 23, 2012 at Dreams and it was awesome! I will be posting a review very soon and will try my best to check on this site a little more often for those that have questions. Leigh was awesome in helping me prepare (and she didn't even know it!), I just want to be able to pass along the wonderful advice. For those that tend to worry easily over things, just relax, when you get there it all falls together and comes out perfect. Be like the islanders and keep the motto, "No Worries!" Here is a link to our photo album done by the resort (great photos- horrible photographer as far as his people skills went) but I will get into that in my review. http://nickyjohn.dreamsresortcancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/
  5. Question- Who/what did you tip? I know I should give Claudia a nice amount, how about the servers, I know there will be a few of them? The DJ, videographer (I hired one), photographer (package one), am I missing anyone? I really haven't a clue so your honest opinion is nice. Thanks!
  6. I am late but Jana CONGRATULATIONS, your pictures are beautiful, cant wait to see more and read your thoughts on everything!
  7. I agree with Leigh, the pictures are gorgeous! Looks like you had an awesome wedding.
  8. I have a question for those of you who have had your wedding already. I know that there are 3 set menus but if you want the salad from menu #1, the soup from #2 and the entree from #3 will they let you mix them up or are you just stuck with #1 or #2 as it is? Thanks for your help in advance!!
  9. Does anyone have the contact information for the salon so that I can schedule an appointment? You ladies have been awesome with sharing information on here. I have been on here for months just reading but my wedding is coming up in June so its time for me to start interacting!
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