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    Valley of the Fire Weddings Thread

    Well it has been two weeks and I thought I should probably put something on here about our wedding for now. The day went well and Melissa Tomsik from Scenic Las Vegas Weddings was great to work with. She sent us a few of our pictures for now and they were exactly as we expected. It was a positive experience so far with Scenic Las Vegas Weddings and I will write a full review once I get the rest of our pictures in the mail:)
  2. 091909bride2be

    Review of everything for my Vegas Wedding

    Congratulations. It sounded like a amazing day and your pictures are beautiful. What time of day did you go to Red Rock Canyon? How was it in the heat with your dress and makeup?? The running shoes were a great idea.....I am going to do that too:)
  3. 091909bride2be

    Wedding dress.....buy or rent?

    The search is over.....bought the dress and I love it! Only 48 days left until I get to wear it
  4. 091909bride2be

    Wedding dress.....buy or rent?

    I am in Niagara Falls. I was looking for a used store around here but I don't think there are any. I have been looking on Kijiji.....you can find some nice dresses on there. I just haven't actually went to try any on yet. Thanks for you help though, I will buy one.....soon, haha.
  5. 091909bride2be

    Wedding dress.....buy or rent?

    I guess this means everyone bought their dress, haha. I was thinking that was the safer way too. Two months to go.....it looks like I am going to have to get a dress that fits me perfectly. No time for alterations
  6. We booked with Scenic Las Vegas Weddings. Tray was not available so we booked with his wife Melissa. I seen some of her pictures and they look good. She seems really nice too. We were not able to book for sunset unfortunarly...the valley of fire was booked so we are getting married at 4:30. It is going to be HOT!!! Has anyone worked with or heard of Melissa Tomsik?
  7. Has anyone rented a gown for their vegas wedding. I have looked around a bit and they seem kind of expensive. I was thinking I might be better off buying a used one.....but then I have to worry about it on the plane. Any ideas or suggestions
  8. 091909bride2be


    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the wedding and I am looking for any advice that you may have. I just booked almost the same wedding for September 19th! It is kinda scary booking such a big thing from so far away from home. I checked out your pictures on the Valley of Fire thread and they are amazing. I look forward to chatting with you
  9. 091909bride2be

    Valley of the Fire Weddings Thread

    Thank you very much Angie for posting your review and pictures. I have booked almost the exact same thing so it is sooooo nice to hear from someone that has already done it. It was nice to be able to see all of your pictures too so I can know what to expect:) I booked with Scenic Las Vegas Weddings too but Trey was already booked. I booked with his wife Melissa Tomsik who I have not seen any reviews from yet but I am hoping she takes great pictures too....really hoping! What time did you get married to have a sunset wedding? We booked ours for 5:30 on September 19th so I hope that is good. Your pictures were amazing and you made a beautiful bride. Thanks again!!!
  10. Thank you everyone for the advice. Now I just need to find a photographer. We don't have a large budget and all of the people in our price range seem to be booked or at least not responding
  11. We are looking to elope (just the two of us) on September 19th and are hoping to book our wedding date very soon. We are going to have a small ceremony at the valley of fire and then some photos done on the strip afterwards in front of the LV sign and hotels. I am not sure what time to book our wedding for though? I am thinking either first thing in the morning or for sunset. Reasons for sunset - Everyone says that the valley of fire is BEAUTIFUL at sunset and I would love to see that and have pictures with that backdrop. - By the time we got to the strip after hopefully it would be getting dark and the casino lights and Bellagio fountains would be going for pictures? Reasons for early morning - Temperatures could be a little lower. Pictures are not so great if you don't have any makeup left and are as red as a lobster. - I am guessing the strip will not have as many people on it at about 11am which would be good for me and my husband to be who are both shy and not huge picture people (but don't want to miss out on great opportunity...you only wear the dress once). I would really, really appreciate any advice please!!! We still don't know what company we are booking with either so if anyone has any suggestions for that it would be appreciated too!
  12. 091909bride2be

    Intimate Vegas wedding Sept 19/09

    Thank you to everyone for the congrats and good wishes! I was excited already and this forum is really fueling that!! I could see this getting addicting, haha
  13. 091909bride2be

    Valley of the Fire Weddings Thread

    I agree that the Valley of Fire looks amazing. After seeing the beautiful pictures as a backdrop for a wedding I really dont want to have to settle for getting married in our hotel room or a chapel wedding. I have seen a lot of gorgeous chapels but I think it would be weird standing in front of empty seats. Is that weird? That's why I would prefer an outdoor wedding. Has anyone had pictures done on the strip at night? I would love a sunset wedding at the valley of fire and then early evening pictures on the stip. I am worried about too many people around and the pictures being too dark though? Maybe early in the morning would be better??
  14. 091909bride2be

    Valley of the Fire Weddings Thread

    I would love to book a valley of fire wedding It looks like an amazing place to visit let alone to be married in. It will be just me and my husband-to-be so I am looking to keep costs very low. I am looking for an intimate ceremony and lots of pictures at the VOF and on the strip as well. I was looking at booking with Scenic Las Vegas Weddings but can't seem to find too many reviews on the company which makes me nervous. Has anyone used that company, been married in the valley of fire, or just have any advise for me? We are also considering getting married in our room at the Venetian but I feel like that could be awkward? Or at a chapel but am afraid that could be too cheesy?
  15. 091909bride2be

    Intimate Vegas wedding Sept 19/09

    Hello, My name is Melissa and I am newly engaged. We have decided to elope and have our trip to Vegas booked and the wedding date set (Sept 19, 2009).....now we just have to figure out the actual wedding. It is just my husband-to-be and I going so I dont want to spend too much money. We would love a wedding in the valley of fire and were considering booking with Scenic Las Vegas Weddings. The VOF is more expensice but I am afraid the chapels may be too cheesy.....and our room possibly awkward (but beautiful as we are staying at the Venetian)? I am looking for an intimate wedding with lots of pictures to bring home to family and friends. I am hoping to find some ideas and advise about which companies can be trusted with your special day in Vegas