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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by yaker33 Hi ladies. My fiance and I have decided to do a cruise wedding as well. We have told some family members so they can start saving but not all. My question is...did you send out your STDs before or after you booked?? I guess what Im trying to ask is, how did you know how many rooms to be put on hold before you sent out your STDs? Anyone with anything that can help I'd really appreciate it. I really have no idea what im doing. lol Our TA suggested that we reserve 15 rooms because they could always add/remove them as needed. As soon as we reserved the rooms we sent out the invitations within that week. After the first deposit was paid we had 20 rooms reserved. We only reserved balcony rooms, which everyone wanted anyway.
  2. We sent out our invitations 11 months in advance. We didn't bother with STD's because our first deposit was due about 1 month after we sent the invites. We put on the invitation that the first deposit would serve as an RSVP (one less piece of paper to worry about-RSVP card). Since a cruise wedding is a bit nontraditional you can get away with doing things however you want. We used a passport invitation template from the forum and made them ourselves. Everyone loved them! Even people who aren't coming still have our invitation hanging on their fridge.
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    We booked the cruise and wedding! Some of our guests are already booking too!!! YAY!!! Carnival Legend June 27, 2010-July 4, 2010
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    Carnival Cruise Brides?

    Quote: Originally Posted by hunniebee724 Will you be having an onboard wedding? If not, even if there's no wedding packages available for your date, you could always use a non-Carnival wedding coordinator on the island. I was hoping for onboard. If it's not available I would def. consider a non-carnival WC. My only concern is weather and having to skip the port. Maybe I'm being a little paranoid, but I would hate to plan all this and not be able to get married in the end. I guess this is the risk we take as destination wedding brides. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    Carnival Cruise Brides?

    Quote: Originally Posted by hunniebee724 Did you book your wedding package already? If you did, then I'd send your Save the Dates as soon as possible to give your guests enough time to save money. If not, send them as soon as you have all of your info. I included a cruise itinerary, payment plan info, our TA's info, payment cards that my TA made, her business card and a save the date magnet (I used business cards and self-adhesive business card magnets) as well as our wedding website address. My TA has a hold on our block of cabins until August 11th, so I wanted to give everyone enough time to decide whether or not they're coming and get their deposits in. WOW.. you are on top of things. I am hoping for a June 2010 cruise wedding and haven't even booked the cruise yet. I plan to book within the next week and reserve a block of cabins for guests who will most likely cruise with us. Did you book the cruise first and then the wedding? I want to make sure that they can do the wedding on the day and in the port that I want. Crossing my fingers everything is still available. Most of our guests know our tentative plans and that they should start saving up for a cruise wedding. AAAHHHHH so much to do!
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    Carnival Cruise Brides?

    I've been looking at all the different packages that are offered by the various cruise lines. It seems like Carnival offers the most bang for your buck. I was wondering if anyone has been married on a carnival cruise or witnessed a wedding on carnival? Was it nice? Also, how helpful are the cruiseline WC's with planning? I wish there was a standard timeline for planning cruise weddings. I have no idea when to send save the dates, invites, etc. or what to include. I'll take any advice I can get. Thanks!
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    Quote: Originally Posted by Tlseege Hi Ashley! Congratulations and welcome to the forum! I LOVE cruises! which line are you sailing? Which ports? Are you getting married before you leave or at one of the ports? We want to get married in one of the ports. We have no idea which one. I'm trying to get as much info as possible on the best places. Also, we are hoping for great weather (who isn't) so we want to avoid hurricane season.
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    Quote: Originally Posted by Carlitarenee Congrats and welcome! Where are you cruising to? Haven't made any decisions yet. Don't even know where to start. There are so many options among the different cruise lines as well as when/where to travel.
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    Hello All! Ashley June 2010 Carribean Cruise Any advice/suggestions welcome!