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  1. Hi! I'm getting married at the Jellyfish Restaurant in Punta Cana on April 7th 2011 (staying at the Majestic Elegance April 2-9th 2011) and am looking to share a photographer. If anyone else is getting married at this time and a)has a photographer in mind that they would like to share costs on or is looking to share a photographer (as I have one in mind but her costs + travel=are too expensive for just us), then please get in touch. meganwambolt@hotmail.com Thanks, Megan
  2. drmegan

    Just Married in the Dominican

    Few more questions for Barb - was your ceremony in English? I noticed there are still some lounge shairs in the back ground, just how close was it to resorts? Did you ever consider taking a water taxi over? Any idea what time they are open until? How many people do you think the upstairs could accomodate? And who made your cake topper - so unique!! Thanks for your time Megan
  3. drmegan

    Just Married in the Dominican

    I had no idea this place existed but I love the feel it exudes just from the pictures! Just wonderful!
  4. drmegan

    New Iberostar Rose Hall Suites member

    Quote: Originally Posted by Love3 Hi I am pretty new on here too. I am getting married at Rose Hall Suites too Nov 9 2009!! Are you talking to a wedding coordinator yet? Have you booked anything down there such as flowers, photographer?? I heard that the wedding coordinators were great with getting back to you quickly and communication but boy was I wrong. They take at least a week to get back to me! Not impressed since I only have 4mths to plan this!!! Trying to figure out this OOT bag stuff lol. There are sooo many great ideas on here but it is all US We are in the process of looking for a photographer. Happy planning! Sorry to hear they are taking their time getting back to you. This may be info you already have but i casae not....I contacted Tai Flora and they sent thru their pdfs of past arrangements which makes it pretty easy to choose. And two great photographers (in case you want someone local rather than flying down someone) are Michael and Olive Saab or Paula And Damian of Sungold, the reviews on both have been great from what i've read! Good luck, I can't imagine trying to do all this planning in 4 months - ambitious undertaking!! Cheers, Megan
  5. drmegan

    New Iberostar Rose Hall Suites member

    Hello Edsweety! I just recently booked for the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites for almost a whole year after you (Nov. 17th 2010). They've been so great this far. I'm looking forward to hearing how things come along for you and especially your pictures. Are you going with someone local for pics? Good Luck! Megan
  6. We just booked our date for Iberostar Rose Hall Suites!! Just like everyone said one of the wedding coordinators (Nicole) got back to us immediately, things are looking up! Names: Megan & Chad from Nova Scotia Resort: Iberostar Rose Hall Suites (after looking at oh so many) Date: Nov. 17th 2010 In JA: Nov. 13 -Nov. 20 2010 Cheers, Megan
  7. Another awesome review of IRHS! If anyone has anymore pics of their wedding at this resort/by MoBay Photographers i'd would so love to see them!
  8. This was a wonderful review and makes me feel so much more secure in choosing IRHS for our wedding!
  9. I'm also looking at The Grand Mayan in Los Cabos for our wedding, November 2010 but am frustrated that there aren't any reviews on it anywhere! The site looks beautiful. Alternatively we're looking at Dreams and the Riu, photographers blogs have been a great source for real pictures but i haven't come across the GM in any...yet
  10. drmegan

    New Canadian Engagement

    Hello! My name is Megan and although my fiance and I have been engaged for almost 8 weeks i'm just now getting around to start the planning. We know we're going down south for a wedding in November/December 2010 but we don't know yet where!! Hope we can find some good advice on here! Cheers, Megan