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  1. HELLO MOON PALACE BRIDES!!! I had the most amazing time of my life at Moon Palace! Kalena was amazing! Lily from Zuniga was Amazing! and so was J&S Productions! I had the wedding of my dreams and my guest thought it was the best wedding they had ever been to.. including weddings in the States. Kalena stayed with me the entire time from the Welcome Dinner to the Ceremony and Reception. I will post my review very shortly for everyone to see! Please to all brides that are nervous don't be, they are very helpful. As for the question about tips... I gave Kalena a set of earrings from Nine West along with $70.00 Dollars. Me and her had a connection we are exactly 2 years apart. Born on December 19th! Ironic lol I couldn't believe she is only 25 years old doing that much work. A couple of times I asked her to leave so she could go home... These girls WORK HARD!!!! I gave Lily from Zuniga $50.00 because I ordered a lot of things from Zuniga that turned out perfect... Plates, Chairs, Cake holder, Flowers, Fire Dancers.... I gave each server that waited on us for the wedding $10.00 and $20.00 tips... along with the DJs and Alejandro. In total there were about 14. Also before we went we took $100.00 in $1.00 bills so that we could pass out tips to waiters and services. We ended up having to get more tip money.. lol. My husband and I are big believers in providing a tip.. Even though it is all included... the people that are waiting on you really deserve it. I just think its the right thing to do. Attached are a few pictures from the Wedding. Wedding Review coming soon! /Users/ashleystreet/Desktop/36707_551292174674_77305548_31366723_1200446_n.jpg Ashley
  2. HEY LADIES! I leave for MP on Wednesday! I can't believe its already here! I have been spending all night trying to pack all this crap I am bringing. :-) Can't wait to let you all know how it went. However, the weather said isolated showers all weekend :-(
  3. I would like to share with you ladies a company off of etsy.com that did my programs, bag tags, chair signs for bridal party, table tents, welcome booklet, place cards and menu cards for a very cheap cost.... but it looks so well hand made and her product is BEAUTIFUL! Here is her website to take a look: 2bsquaredesigns.com
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Jodimichelle You have 62 guests booked? I have about 60 coming! I heard we will be TAKEN care of! You are packing? lol. Good start. I am still trying to figure out how much sand for my sand photobox. No idea. good luck. Yes! I figured I better start now and that is when I realized I was short one bag for four because I had too much stuff. I am glad I did it now. I just hope we get past customs! (Crossing Fingers). and good luck to you Jodimichelle your big day is around the corner!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by marta0331 Does anyone know if the hotel will allow you to bring in your own linens (ie. tablecloths, runners, napkins?) They're trying to charge me $450 per table just for the nicer set up in addition to their regular $400+ fee per table for a private function. I am bringing in my own linens and napkins for my reception. They are going to set them up for me in the ballroom. I rented the linens from a company in NYC... but they aren't too expensive. They have every color and design you can imagine. WeddingLinens.com - Pintuck Taffetas Linen Rentals, Special Event Rentals, Wedding Chair Covers
  6. i do have an updated map with the moon grand side. Please send me your email address and I will try and see if I can send it to you. Today, I made an attempt to start packing stuff for the wedding. I have three full bags already and still need to go get another bag to pack more stuff. I will have 4 full bags plus our luggage! I didn't realize I had this much stuff to take!
  7. YAY!! I am soooo EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!! That makes me feel so much better... my wedding is now less than 30 days away!
  8. Hey everybody!!! Has anyone heard or been to X-Caret? I keep hearing that this is the place to visit or at least see? Anyone know about it?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by evaleen ashnic2005: I have a quick off topic question for you...i noticed that you have some people in your party using their timeshare...my parents are planning to do the same. So I was wondering if you knew what the price of the all-inclusive food and drink package is for those people? And also, do the timeshares count towards the number of rooms booked in order to receive free private functions? I now have 4 people offsite and 2 that are staying in a timeshare at another resort and they have to pay for a guest pass to get on MP property which is running $86.00 for 2010 a person, but they can stay at MP from 7-11pm and it includes use of facilities, food and beverage for one day. I can not use their stay counted toward the private functions. My grand parent in-laws are using their timeshare at the MP resort. I believe it is all inclusive for them as well (I think). However, I could not use their stay to count towards the private functions. Which was too bad because they are staying an entire week.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by vgirl17 It was GORGEOUS! We went to take a peek at it two days before the wedding and it was GORGEOUS even without any wedding stuff!!... just a gorgeous terrace/bar area overlooking the pools below and ocean with potted plants and bamboo around and the palapa gave it a wonderful tropical feel and made for great pictures The 'real bar' was used as our wedding bar! OH YES, it fit our 37 VERY nicely and I'm sure could probably fit a couple more tables. We used 5 tables for dining, 1 cake table, 1 guest book table, buffet table, DJ had a table, lounge furniture set up and lantern structure over lounge area. Everyone loved it! **If anyone wants to see my Facebook pics (and those of family and friends) just send me a friend request and make a note that you're from BDWF. Here's my page: Veronica Chilson | Facebook ** Vgirl- On what side of the resort is the terrace? Also, I have about 70 (+ a few more) people that will attend the wedding. Would you recommend that many to use the terrace, or would it be too crowded?
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by jackie_c Do you ladies know if the tables are round or rectangular for private dinners/receptions? Do they usually seat 10/table or is that just how pricing is? I'm trying to figure out how many centerpieces to buy/bring. I requested 7 round tables of 10. However, you can probably ask for a table that seats 8. What are you doing for your centerpieces?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by vgirl17 We booked ours for 2 nights. They've done other weddings at the MP so they are familiar with their surroundings there and I LOVE THEIR WORK! They did a wedding at MP 2 days before mine They were also great people and we're SO GLAD we chose them! They took pics of our rehearsal dinner, getting ready pics, wedding ceremony, reception, and a TTD session two days after the wedding All for a great price for the amazing quality of their work! We used Tammsphotos.com (Tammara and Grant) and I will post a full review once we get our pictures. We were able to see some pics on their cameras already and they were FABULOUS!! (plus the teaser one Tammara sent me that's in my siggy). Our entire experience with them so far has been 100% positive Thats GREAT!!! I am Using TAMMS Photos Too! I can't wait!
  13. KGirl99 can you please send me the catalog? my email address is ashnic2005@gmail.com Thanks a Bunch!!!
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