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  1. My FI is not looking forward to have to dance in front of everyone so he is not being a big help with the song selections. lol! I've been making him listen to some songs and he did like "Simple Man" either from lynard skynard or shinedown. I love that song. I think its perfect for a mother/son dance. But since he is kinda SHY about having to this dance..I suggested that we choose one song and do the mother/son and father/daughter dance together. If we choose to go with this option we will probably be dancing to "The wonder of you" by elvis presley. It is is meant to be a romantic song but I don't think its too mushy for this occasion. What do you ladies think about this?
  2. I'm really having a difficult time trying to organize this as well. We are having a SMALL wedding.Only about 8 guests so we will be having our dinner at one of the a la carte restaurants. Is it weird to have the dances in the restaurant? i was thinking after supper before cutting the cake. But I feel it might be awkward? Any opinions....?
  3. Oh i didn`t realize there would be a Fee..and your right on top off the OOT bags it does get pricey !! I`ll have to rethink this... any other suggestions?
  4. Thnks for posting this! We were trying to incorporate something into the wedding da, where we would be on the beach for sunset, But now i realize we will still be having our dinner at sunset..So thats one less thing to try and plan. THANK YOU!!
  5. We will be arriving at the resort a day before all of the guests so I'd love to give the OOT bags to the hotel and have them place the bags in the guests rooms before they arrive. Do you think this is possible?
  6. We finally decided to do OOT bags!! At first we had decided not to do them but after reading this thread I realized that we don't have to spend so much $$$ on them. I'm so excited now !!SO THANK YOU LADIES just one question....when do you girls plan on handing out your OOT bags?
  7. THANK YOU LADIES!!This site has been a lifesaver!! So many great ideas and questions answered!! Imagine having to plan a DW without this place?! Of course my Fiance says I'm too obsessed with this site now!! But its all with good reason Thank you for all the welcomes and the help, I really appreciate it!
  8. We would really love to add something to our wedding ceremony and We`ve been thinking about doing a sand ceremony ...but I`m wondering about how the sand travels back? I`m guessing the layers don`t really stay put. Did anybody do a sand ceremony? Do any of you girls have pictures of your vases? or maybe just tell me what your experience was?
  9. I'm getting married at Barcelo marina Palace. I'm not sure exactly what I want to do to my hair and not knowing the hairdresser makes me nervous. Also, we will be in cuba for a week before the wedding so i don't think my nails will hold up if i get them done here either. I'm sure they will be able to do a simple french manicure, right?? :S
  10. I`d really love to know what to expect from the hair and nail salons in cuba. Whats your experience with this??
  11. lol..thank you so much for your advice and suggestions !! This is helping soo much especially since you have been there before and know exactly what the restaurants look (and taste) like. So the spanish restaurant is a good one?? I`m going to email Sandra and see what she thinks about having the dances at the restaurant. Its a nice idea ..maybe after the dinner, before the dessert. THANK YOU!! Another question about the music...in your opinion, will the band be able to play `Love me Tender` If I bring them the music notes?? Your a lifesaver!!
  12. WOW!! its great that you were able to have all of that done! You had a much bigger wedding than we will be having though. We will only be having about 8-10 people with us so I don't think we will be having a private reception the way you did? (right??) I'm sure that our dances will have to take place at the disco and i'm not sure that the dj's will be happy about that.
  13. Well that would be a bit dissappointing ...if i asked them to play songs for the special dances and they just ignored... Maybe i`ll speak to the wedding coordinator about that
  14. Thanks for the advice! I'd really love to have "love me tender" played at the ceremony..so I'm not sure if i should bring a recording or ask them to play it. I'll definitely bring some music cd's with specific songs i want played during the night...especially for the mother/son and father/daugther dance I just hope burnt cds will work there...
  15. I was wondering if we should/can bring our own music for our wedding night. Will they even play it at the disco? Also we will be having a cuban band play at the ceremony ... is it possible to ask for a request? Do any of you girls have experience with this...or maybe just some advice? THANKS
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