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  1. So I thought I was doing well....date set, resort booked...invites about to go and BAM along comes family and decides DR isn't going to work for them (long story...I won't make you all have a meltdown by giving you the details!!) So now here I go starting over...and I am having a fit!!! We originally chose the DR b/c we are in Alberta with guests coming from here and also from Nova Scotia and it was one of the cheaper options for our guests and with Cuba being one of the other cheaper options we've have now decided to go with this route. I need help and advice!!! Our date in the DR was Feb 20, 2010 - a Saturday - I am being told you can only be married Monday-Friday in Cuba?? We wanted a sunset ceremony...weddings are only performed from 10AM-5PM in Cuba?? There are sssoooo many resorts and locations in Cuba then in the DR....its overwhelming!!!! We would prefer an adults only or atleast a resort that doesn't cater to families..some of our guests are older and "adult time" is more their style. DR had alot of resorts that had 2 or three resorts at one location with different price ranges...we liked that idea b/c then our guests could decide what they wanted to pay for. HHEEEELLLLPPP!!!!!
  2. So I touched on this a bit and Josh had some advice but I am hoping I can get some more. We are wanting to have a symbolic first in the DR this coming Feb and then legally getting married in the summer of 2010 at home- time/travel wise it is the only time we can make it to DR. Because all of our family won't be able to make the trip we have promised to have a small ceremony for them at home. I just can't get on board with signing the papers before the ceremony and although our ceremony in the DR would be symbolic in my heart and head we will be married at that point. Are we going to run into issues in the DR without doing it legally beforehand? I am getting mixed reviews....anything experiences??
  3. I have read this resort is VERY family oriented...lots of kids...?? We are looking for something not so kid oriented - no little ones coming for the big day and some family members looking for a kid vaca (teachers!!)... What do you guys think?
  4. So I looked at Excellence and loved it but read reviews that the sand wasn't white - more on the brown side. May sound silly but this girl wants to walk to her groom through white sand!!! Can anyone confirm if its white or brown?
  5. Oh my sorry to hear about "taxing journey" but thanks for the info...and congrats on choosing!!
  6. got cha..will do Josh..thanks
  7. That is fantastic news...makes things easier and cheaper and as long as the moms don't find out we are in the clear!!!!
  8. So we were planning to have the legal ceremony back in Canada after the symbolic...can we do it that way?
  9. So I have found very little on this resort as well. One site I looked at advised it was a 2 star resort. Can anyone shed some light on the quality of a 2 star in DR?
  10. tamadana


    Holy planning this wedding is gonna make my eyes pop out!! So glad I found this site!!! We have set the date as Feb 20, 2010 in Punta Cana and yep....that's about all i can tell ya so far b/c like I said my eyes pop out everytime I try to get it organized at all...but I have taken advice that you gusy have taught me so far...we set a date, I have started to contact PC resorts (HOLY there are SSOOO many) to see who has our date. Once I get the date confirmed at a few I will take my info to a TA and hopefully get the date/flights etc set in stone!!! So for any other newbies with popped out eyes..trust me this site is going to help you!!! Good luck to everyone!!!