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  1. No one?? Gosh, I didn't get a big response on theknot either??! Am I pushing hurricane season or something??
  2. Hello all!! I must admit I'm usually on theknot, but I thought I'd drop by here and say hello!! Names: Heather & Jesse Wedding Date: July 11, 2009 Location: Tensing Pen, Negril, Jamaica Plans were originally VERY slow, but are picking up now. Wish everyone the best and I hope I can get some great ideas and help from all you wonderful ladies!!
  3. Pretty new to this forum, but I was just curious who all was going to be in Negril in July? We'll be there from July 8-July 20th which is a long time, so I thought I'd see if we would end up running into another bride?
  4. I think you should dress in what you've always wanted to wear. Also, both of these places are on the cliffs, not sandy beach, which is why we are going with formal. I'm in a very nice dress/veil/heels, not flip flops. A DW dress is what you want it to be! Oh, and yes I might be a tad hot, but I didn't care. I will look at my pictures for the rest of my life and want to make sure it all looked the way I always wanted. GL!
  5. I'd like help with this as well! I'm there in July.
  6. hlbman


    1. Heather 2. July 11, 2009 3. Tensing Pen, Negril, Jamaica Glad to be here!!
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