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  1. There are so many beautiful vows here. I've read through a lot of them and was able to pick and choose and tweak to create my own. I'm not quite finished, though. I am looking for something that would include my fiance's 6 year old son. I want to give him a keepsake during the ceremony so that he will feel included as well. Suggestions on the wording and keepsakes are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Sally--your pictures are beautiful. I was excited to see the color blue you used because that's what I am going with as well. Did you bring the blue tulle along with the names and menus, etc, for the decorating? I'm trying to figure out what I need to bring. Thanks, Kari
  3. Thanks you all for the ideas. Our wedding is a little over 6 months away and the little stuff, like the OOT bags, is starting to creep into my mind. I've jotted down ideas from here that I will for sure use!
  4. Okay, so our wedding is just over 7 months away. I can't believe it's getting so close! I'll be engaged a year on Christmas Eve. Time has flown by. Planning is going good. Looks like we are having a private reception at the Pure Chill Out Bar due to the number of guests we are going to have. If you have any suggestions or recommendations or can just let me know how your reception went if you had a private one at the PCOB please let me know. What did you have for the dinner? Did you have a DJ? What did you give as wedding favors?
  5. There are some great suggestions here. I've already started copying/pasting and making some personal changes to these. Thanks so much for sharing!!
  6. So we finally got our date confirmed for May 29, 2010. Now we can get started on all the fun stuff. We are legally getting married here in the states before the ceremony as well. It seems to be easier and we can spend our time in Mexico planning the ceremony and spending time with family and friends. I can't wait. Happy planning to all of you.
  7. I also want to say thanks to everyone who's provided info on the location and wedding info from Cat. My fiance' and I vacationed there a couple of years ago and loved the place. That's why we decided to go back for our wedding. I'm trying to get our date for next year reserved but was told by Elena that I have to wait until July. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can get the date we want. Good luck to all the brides! I will keep you posted as I get stuff reserved.
  8. sobelove

    Newbie getting married in Playa

    Hi Everyone! My name is Kari. Our tentative wedding date is May 29, 2010 at Catalonia Riviera Maya. We vacationed there a couple of summers ago and loved it. I do have to mention that this site is the best Google find ever for info on destination weddings. I love it. Thanks to everyone for the helpful info. Thanks, Kari in Dallas