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  1. Hi everyone it is finally down to two.... Now we can't decide between the two, the RIU is a little bit cheaper, yet is supposed to be outdated in some respects. The IBEROSTAR has nicer pools but seems to have more of a kiddie atmosphere... We just can't decide and what we want to see before we go are pictures of ceremonies at both places so that we can decide based on which one has the nicest backdrop, scenery, set-up etc... Any help would be greatly appreciated in helping us make our decision.... it took forever to get to this part and now this headache is still hanging on... Thanks
  2. People are so ignorant and just get hyped by the media, everyone needs to do research!!! The flu virus kills 36000+ people a year here in USA, the H1N1 virus (swine flu) has only killed one person. You do the math... it is like we are living in the 40's listening to Nazi propaganda.
  3. Hi everyone not to cause a panic but a flu vaccination will not help much due to the variant of this viral strain in protecting you from transmission. With WHO and the CDC getting involved this the media creates hysteria over a normal viral infestation that occurs every year within the swine population, yet here in america our pig handlers maintain higher levels of sanitary conditions thus we do not see this interspecies cross over of the virus... hence mexico is not the most sanitary country (3rd world in most places) creating a factory and mechanism of which this virus can travel much easily
  4. Any ideas on expenses and costs of weddings would be great.
  5. Hi everyone just trying to get an idea of what the total costs of a destination wedding will entail to try and prove to my family and fiance it is actually a more economical expense. 1. Michael Perillo, Shea Hilger 2.June 5th 2010 3. To be determined...
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