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  1. I am getting married in Cabo at the Riu Palace on September 2010. I will have about 30 people attending. I am a bit nervous whether or not to hire an outside planner, and have my wedding elsewhere only because we would like to have our own private party with open bar. I want to pick my own cake, I don't know if Riu gives you any choices of what flavor you want in cake, or choices in flowers and so forth. I heard that they charge $15 and hour per person for open bar. I just don't understand why would they do that if everyone is staying there and its all inclusive. Please help I'm confused and don't know what's best. I want everything to go smooth.
  2. Hello, my name is Maritza I'm getting married in Cabo September 2010 We are staying at Riu Palace, haven't decided yet if we will have them do our wedding, I'm a little scared because I have read so many bad reviews. Would like to know if anyone can recommend me to a Wedding Planner. Also about how much do they charge?
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