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  1. Alyssa, I sent you a PM asking where you got your wedding flip flops. I cant find any with a high enough wedge. I love your wedding! Beautiful in every way. What went in your guest bags and did you do them or have a compnay in hawaii do them? I'd love a referral for that. Our wedding is at the Four Seasons on the big island. Our family and friends are staying at the Hilton waikola down the road...we are too, except that I will stay at the four seasons the night before the wedding. The Hilton was great with us as far as group rates etc. They gave us a suite for most of the stay and the preseidental suite for the last two nights at a great price. We couldnt get the four season to offer much of a rate to our group. I think they took $25 off published rates. So the Hilton gets our 30 plus rooms of business. Im sure it will be great....but there have been some "slip ups" with the Four Season so its making me a bit uneasy. We choose them because of their service. They usually take all headaches out of any event or stay, but it hasnt been that way. Im sure it will all come together fine, but extra stress I didnt expect, or need as a bride from the four season.
  2. LOL...glad to hear it...would love to experience it! I havent so far. the hotels Im dealing with seem to have the attitude of "what recession?" I know the 4S is always $$$$ but, they are a bit soooo over the top on some things that we are just going to skip some items. I do know that tuesday booking saves money, and found that while booking flights for some family members. another thing with travel booking...I had been searching for mileage tickets for some family members...everytime I checked United wanted 80,000 miles for LA to KOA. I just kept checking and then during the week (pretty sure it was tuesday), I checked and all of a sudden the same flights were available for 40,000 miles! Ive not yet seen any "deals" in Hawaii. If you know of any, please let me know. OUr wedding is on the big island, but we would love to spend a few days on any island afterward. We did plan a great honeymoon...but just bought a new house last week (closing just before the wedding..hows that for exciting stress??) so we decided we needed to skip the honeymoon of our dreams for now. Since were in hawaii though...I'd love a week to just relax.
  3. Thanks ladies! Billysbride....those are the most beautiful children ever! You are blessed...and very busy I would think keeping up with them! Ok...the wedding is in Kona (at four seasons). I made contact with what seems to be the biggest bakery there and she never confirmed a tasting..?? So I just left that alone thinking it might not be reliable. They were great with responding by email when they they told me to send a non refundable $250 deposit. I said I'd bring it when I came to taste and communication dropped. I know costco is there and they have good cake. Is it too werid to show up at the four seasons with costco cake:) ? It could be a great cost savings and one of my BM's actually does cakes so she could do a little decorating I guess. I was even thinking about getting a fake cake just for photos!! You can rent those. Keep the ideas coming. If anyone can vouch for a baker in Kona let me know. Wedding is May 2nd. thanks
  4. Thank you ladies! Great ideas and links. I will get one of these for sure. Keep the ideas coming for anything diamond, rhinestone.
  5. Thanks for the information. Oh no...$10G for a cake is not in the budget. There is a place in LA that ships these individual "cake bites" anywhere. Event planner referred me to them in case I want to go that route. She says their cakes are very dense and ship well. I just had the vision of the beautiful cake and all of that goes with it, but as things are going...I dont think its going to happen. Not happy at all with the resort. They are trying to "make it right" as they KEEP saying and they want us to come to the resort everyday when we arrive leading up to the wedding to keep tasting cakes so they can get it right. Lets see....have the stress of cake tasting everyday, or spend the time with family and friends who are flying in from all over to be with us? Needless to say, I wont cake taste each day. No excuse for them to not have it right the first time. At $12 a slice!!!! Please. Funny thing is the cake is the most over priced item on their list and it was just horrible. Thanks for the ideas
  6. Thanks so much for the reply. I couldnt find anything on things remembered site either. I did use "scattered" crystals and such in the search term and found something similar to the swarvoski stems at bridalpeople.com I guess I might go with these since Im running out of time and need to get something. Let me know if you find out where your glasses are from. Thanks again.
  7. A long time ago I saw the perfect toasting glasses in a magazine...thought I had the magazine...of course when I went to order I couldnt find the book Can anyone direct me to champagne/toasting flutes fully covered in rhinestones on the stem? Or a crushed diamond look on/in the stem? I know Swarovski makes the crushed diamond stem, but they are too expensive to try to get to Hawaii and back...come to think of it, they are just too expensive period. Thank you so much for any help!
  8. I know this sounds weird, but I was wondering if any DB's are using any bakeries from the mainland who ship anywhere? I really need another cake option fast. Our site is just lovely etc, but the cake was the worst thing we have ever tasted. And it was just ridiculously priced, even for this resort. It was so bad that I wouldnt serve it to my guests if it were free! I tried local bakers, and that hasnt worked. I didnt even get to taste these. First one got ill, second one never got back to me for tasting while I was visiting. Im taking that as a hint on reliability. Now Im trying to find someone good, preferably on the west coast who would make and ship a cake to Hawaii. Any ideas thank you
  9. I know what you mean on prices.....Im not sure what look theme youre going for. We are not going for a beach theme in Hawaii. We want the beauty of the beach location etc...but not a beach wedding. Ours is more of a dramatic old hollywood type of look. But, I am getting many certerpiece elements and shipping them. Im using ostrich feathers in the center pieces, so Im getting those in Los Angeles. Im also using lots of crystals on/in the flowers adn Im getting those here also and shpping. It would have just gotten too out of control to have the hotel get those items. Im sure you can find all kinds of neat things in New York. I'd buy them and take along. You can have everyone in the wedding and going to the wedding take a carry on of items you want to use... good luck
  10. Those are beautiful!!! Today my MOH actually asked me about getting aritificial bouquets to save a bit on floral costs. I poo poo'ed the idea thinking they would just look too fake, but after seeing this, I have have to reconsider.
  11. Hi Everyone, I am brand new and thrilled to have found this site for DW. I have already found a tremendous amount of great information, but of course Im looking for more! I will be searching the boards day and night to find some help on the big island. Im running out of time and have to finish those last details soon... We are getting married at the Four Season on the Big Island at 5pm. My colors are a muted mixture of off white, ivory, cream, gold (as in sparkely), with a hint of color in the florals of very soft pink and coral. The theme so to speak is old hollywood era glamour and diamonds. It a bling wedding! I will have diamonds incorporated into every aspect..sprinkled on the tables, in the florals etc. Half of the centerpieces are floral, the other half are huge dramatic white ostrich feathers in tall trumpet vases with lighting in the bottom and crushed diamonds in the vase. Im still searching for many items and hope to find direction here. If anyone has or is getting married on the big island (Kona side), or anyone at the Four seasons PLEASE let me know. Thanks
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