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  1. I was thinking of going barefoot too... i had never heard of barefoot sandals before this forum! What a great idea! I will definitely check that out - for those of you who had them, any advise or recommendations on who/where to buy from? i absolutely love the look!
  2. oops! sorry for forgetting the link!! duh! Thanks litl_april for helping me out! And great info about Tuesday bookings! hmm... I will have to find out more!
  3. Hello Future Hawaii Brides! My sister just sent me this article from CNN about how the economy has affected the tourism in Hawaii! Well I don't know about all you gals out there but this is good news to me trying to stay w/in my budget! No harm in trying to shop around for the best deals and asking for a better price when booking your wedding in Hawaii and trying to get a few bonuses thrown in especially if you are bringing a good number of family and/or guests with you! (sorry that was a run-on!) Happy reading!
  4. Super cute and extremely creative!! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful idea! =)
  5. Hi Scarletina, I also made my own planner and here are my tabs (not in any particular order): 1. dress (bride/bridesmaids) / accessories 2. decorations / color combos 3. food / cake 4. photography / videography 5. venue info - ceremony/reception 6. calendar / checklist 7. destination information (mailings/print-outs/contacts) 8. a pocket to keep track of receipts For a simple countdown calendar, I just tore one out from one of the bridal magazines to keep me up on what things should be done and checked off every month. I feel that a DIY planner should be whatever you want to put into it. If anything catches your eye in a magazine, tear it out and put it in there - it's really your idea book. =) It's something to show your wedding coordinator, your family, or your bridesmaids, or your vendors to give them a sense of what you want your wedding to be like! Good luck and have fun with it!
  6. Thank you for the warm welcome everyone! To thephotogirl, Island Princess, and ksryan: Thank you for offering to help.. I'm in my beginning stages of planning so will definitely keep you gals in mind when I have questions!! Now if only I could find some time to peruse the forums at work where I have internet... hmmm...
  7. Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all and very glad to have found this forum!! My name is Joy and my fiance John and I have not set down a wedding date just yet. We are trying to research/plan a wedding in Oahu in March/April of 2010 and would like to be considerate of our guests by trying to book a place and time that would make hotel & airfare more affordable. We chose Hawaii just because if we had a wedding here in CA, the guest list would likely surpass 200 people and well, in this economy, we can't afford it! So off to Hawaii we go with hopefully a smaller guest list of 60. There's a lot of information out there (and sometimes conflicting at best) and I hope this forum can help my wedding planning go a little easier... even if maybe it's just to rant and other girls can sympathize with me. Good luck to all the brides out there!
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