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  1. I had my hair and nails done at the Spa for my wedding in July. The woman there was wonderful and I was able to e-mail a picture of my hairstyle to the Spa before I left for Mexico. She did a great job and worked to get my hair just as I wanted it. I made the mistake of having my hair down and my ceremony on the pier. The wind made a mess of my hairstyle, but I will post a pic when I get my professional photos back.
  2. Your pictures look fantastic! I also used Vincent for my wedding and am awaiting my photos. Can I ask how you got yours first? Was it on Pictage or the official webpage?
  3. I hired Vincent from del Sol to do the photos for our event. I can't say enough about my interactions with del Sol, everyone was fantastic. All of my e-mails were replied to promptly and my questions were always answered, no matter how silly. Matt was even able to work with me to find a package that best fit my needs and helped me to figure out a good time for our ceremony. Vincent was our photographer and he was nothing short of AMAZING! I was very nervous about having the photos taken and my husband was much the same way. Neither of us are what you would call picture people. Vincent did a great job of helping us to feel at ease and had us laughing and enjoying ourselves the whole time. His artistic vision was superb; he found great locations for various shots on the resort and had great ideas to help us feel more natural in front of the camera. I have not gotten the actual pictures yet but I know without a shadow of a doubt that they will be perfect. I, like many of you, had trouble choosing a photographer. I highly reccomend choosing del Sol - I assure you that you will not be disappointed, they are fantastic.
  4. Congratulations Lindsey! As a fellow ERC bride I'm so thankful for you post and the info. I can't wait to see your pics (i sent you an e-mail !)
  5. I e-mailed Veronica asking her to honor what she told me previously. She did agree to do so. Can someone tell me the difference between a $70 day pass and a $150?
  6. I'm very excited to view your photos but I don't see them. I'm also getting married at ERC and would love to view your pictures.
  7. Veronica also told me $150 for an outside photographer and then told me today that I must pay that fee to the resort photographer and still pay for day passes. Was anyone able to get to the bottom of this?
  8. knmac


    Hello everyone! I'm excited to be a part of this forum and learn everything there is to know about destination weddings! :-)