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    Married and back from RPTB!!!

    Hi SIYoung1005, How much are you being charged for the steel band? Every time i ask about this the price seems to change! thanks.
  2. slgscot

    Married and back from RPTB!!!

    Congratulations, love your pics! You look gorgeous! I am getting married there in 7 weeks time! yikes! haha What photographer did you use, and did you have your hair and make up done in the renova spa? Thanks
  3. Hey Sloan Can you tell me if you had your hair done at the Renova Spa in the hotel....or was it the spa in Clubhotel Negril? Iv heard people say you have to go to the other hotel for hair n stuff?! Thanks.
  4. Hey TMclean....wots happened to these pics?! lol Dying to see them! Thanks
  5. Hi Sloan..thanks for the great review..sounds like you had a ball! You were a beautiful bride! I am getting married there in October. I was thinking of having the ceremony in the gazebo..but you said there are 2? I have been to RPTB before the renovations and there was only 1 gazebo. Where is the 2nd one? are they both the same type..do they look the same? Do you have any pics of them? Thanks
  6. Thats good you were able to get married inside the gazebo..coz i have seen pics of people being married outside it which i didnt think sounded great! Another stupid question....how many people do you think you could fit in it other than the B & G? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the reply, thats great! Were getting married there in October, so trying to get everything organised! Can i ask you about the ceremony at the gazebo....did you actually get married in the gazebo or at the bottom of the stairs? Cant wait to see your pics..i wanted sungold too, theyre work is great but unfortunately theyre booked on that date. Congratulations on becoming a MRS!
  8. Yeah, Sungold is very expensive compared to Western Digital..however you dont mind if you get great pics! While i have been researching i have came accross Brian Nejedly & Misha Earle as well who do some really nice work!
  9. Hey, thanks for the reply! Keneika is already sending me one....although i have been waiting a while already! I have been in touch with several other photographers on the island and most are already booked..including Sungold. So I would try and get it sorted quick if i were you as i dont have many options now
  10. I am getting married at RPTB and they use Western Digital Photography?? However they dont have a website......has anyone used them? How are they? Does anyone have any pics they have done? Thanks!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by baj Hi, I know the feeling I am totally stressed out, We booked our package with a TA and included the wedding package, requested any of 3 possible dates because it was more important for us to have a late wedding rather than the date. Well had a date confirmed but no time, the TA don't seem bothered that I really need to know if I have the requested time and bascially have left it to me to try and contact the WC to find this out. If I don't get the requested time then I would like to change the date, but the TA does not seem to understand what my problem is or why I am upset. I am now awaiting confirmation from the WC who I emailed on Saturday. Well stressed. I had the same problem, I booked through a TA and they did nothing but stress me out....they booked me the wrong date 1st of all and never gave me a time! but I just got in contact the the WC myself and now I have the correct date and time....your best doing it yourself rather than relying on TA's they seem so uninterested! at least you know that way it's done!
  12. Hi Mrs SMON, just rcvd my wedding pack from my Travel Agent and they have said you can have the beach, gazebo or garden ceremony..I havent heard anyone mention the garden ceremony..did you see where this woud be at all? Also who done your pics / dvd? Thanks.
  13. Hey all you RPTB brides, is there anyone out there having their wedding there in October?.... if so when? We are getting married there in Oct, but yet to come across anyone else doing the same.
  14. Hey, thanks for the great review! Im also getting married at the RPTB in October so can't wait to see your pics!
  15. slgscot

    Help... Riu Brides

    Hi, Iv booked my wedding at the Riu Palace Tropical Bay for October this year. Purely because I have stayed there before so I know what to expect! The beach is gorgeous and I prefer Negril as it is quieter..feels more remote! Im sure whatever you decide will be the right choice as they all look lovely!