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  1. we are honeymooning at the Royal right there in Playa. I am excited that there should be some new beach to fry on!
  2. Sandra, you rock. Congrats! may you both live long and lucky.....
  3. thanks for all the nice pictures!
  4. I know I am a groom but I would still really appreciate someone sending me the menus. I swear I am a good guy. Claudia has not sent the menu to me either after multiple requests. can someone PLEASE help me out? jboncosky@tmsupply.com
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Danyelle This thread is a godsend. I'm debating this resort or the gran porto real in playa del carmen. For all you Barcelo Brides, what was it that sold this resort to you as "THE ONE" to have your wedding at? Have you visited the 2 resorts you are considering? We toured the Barcelo Maya Palace and the Gran Porto Real. The only thing we really liked about the Porto Real was it's location. Being able to walk out the door and be on 5th Ave is really cool. The lobby and rooms were unimpressive at the Real and the pool/ beach area seemed run down. The Royal across the street was very nice but that is a whole different price point. The Barcelo grounds are stunning. good luck!
  6. can someone please e mail me the menu for the Strawberry Package? I would really appreciate it. Thank you jboncosky@tmsupply.com
  7. Sandra, I would love to see the menu. I sent you an e mail. thanks
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMrs.D I've read this also.. I believe you get 4 A-la-Carte restaurant tickets for a 7 night stay.. I saw this on the Unoffical Barcelo Maya Forum/website.. that is a real bummer. The unlimited A la Carte option was one of the best features of the Palace.
  9. when I toured the Palace there were two very nice deck areas overlooking the ocean that the cocktail hour would probably be held at. There are nice outdoor couches and tables with fires going. These areas are directly off the main lobby of the palace right above the restaurants. You can look down on the beach. They looked like a really cool place for a cocktail hour.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by harv0136 Does anyone have any pictures of the banquet rooms at the palace? I am hoping I can do the coral grill but was told that the prices would be increasing 10%. I'm not sure I can afford that with the amount of people I have coming. The new photographer policy is super frustrating. They originally told me day pass and now it's $300! They should offer the price they told us when we put our date on hold. I toured the banquet rooms at the Palace and they are nice, just not my idea of a cool Mexican wedding. There was a wedding going on while we visited the resort and they had their reception in the large banquet room. They looked like they had a blast. The banquet rooms have no windows just like most rooms of the sort
  11. Houserhead

    Barcelo Maya

    Quote: Originally Posted by TrishB12 I was just wondering if anyone knows about confirming your wedding date for 2010. Right now my fiance and I have May 3, 2010 on hold but need to send in our flight/accommodation itinerary in order to CONFIRM the date. I emailed Claudia awhile ago and she said that they are making an exception and will give us until the 2010 wedding packages come out, but she also said something about how it's usually five months from when you reserve the date. So does that mean that the itinerary is due when they come out with 2010 packages or will it be due 5 months AFTER the 2010 packages come out? I have sent her an email but it's been almost two weeks and there's no word from her, any help would be much appreciated!!! I too am dealing with Claudia. We have May 7th 2010 reserved. From what I understand you can hold the date without your resort and plane reservation up until 5 months prior to the wedding date. Obviously the sooner the better.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by iceapple Thank you Houserhead!! You are very kind :-) Did you know anything about the rule about the outside photographer over there? Can we just get a day pass or we have to have them stay for the night? I forgot the wedding packages again!! I will really try to remember them tomorrow. I am not sure about the photographers. If I were you I would not mention anything and play dumb. Say the photographer is a guest of yours?
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by iceapple Anyone has the 2009 wedding package pricing? I couldn't find it anywhere. I have been emailing them but never got an answer back......Is it a sign for me to reconsider this resort? I have a hard copy of the 2009 packages at home. I can scan tomorrow and post it if you haven't found it by then. The WC's take forever to get back via e mail but they will eventually. We just returned from a site visit and the resort was awsome. We watched a wedding ceremony and we spoke to a family that had a wedding at the Palace the day before. They all used the word "perfect" in their desciption of their special night.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by T&A_alltheway harv0136, how did you go about booking your Jan. 25th wedding date for 2010? We would like to book our wedding for Jan. 21st 2010 at the Palace but have been told by our TA that we can't even get prices for 2010 yet, let alone set a date. Are you using a travel agent? Did you book directly with Barcelo? Thanks for your help! we called the WC and had them pencil in our date. They will not "guaruntee" that date until you book rooms at the resort. They are taking reservations for 2010 and I was able to get rates through my TA as well as directly through the Barcelo. Hope this helps
  15. Originally Posted by becks NOTE: These templates have been removed and will not be shared from this time forward... This is an information-only thread. Do not PM Becks requesting the templates or you may be suspended. BUMMER