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  1. Hi! First off, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I am getting married at the Sheraton on July 18, 2009 and cannot wait. I experienced the same things with Viviana that you did. She took so long to respond and then seemed evasive. It has been no better with Marco (maybe worse). I don't think they are shady at all; I simply think my biggest problem has been the communication/language barrier. I hate to tell you this, but the slow responses/barriers only get worse unless you get a wedding planner. I am using Tracey at Sunset Weddings and she has made my wedding planning process PERFECT! I was having problems getting responses from the bakery, florist, photographer, etc. but with her doing it, if she doesn't get a response via email then she will call them. Or go by to see what's wrong. They know things about the area that I didn't and I've found that it has saved me money having her take care of the vendors. When I try to email them on my own, it is terrible; they don't know what I mean by anything. She speaks the language even though she is originally from the US. But no worries! Once you get someone as a translator, it is so much fun! If you need any recommendations on anything, feel free to let me know. Also, if you want Tracey's email info I'd be happy to pass it on. You will love the Sheraton and your planning! Oh one more thing: on the contract tell them you only want the minimum number of rooms to show up on there. The min. number to get the site fees waived is 10 rooms for 2 nights. Even if you are having many more guests, that can be adjusted easier than reducing the number on the contract. Good luck!!!!
  2. I've started my diet a month ago and have lost 8 pounds! Yay! Now 42 more to go!!
  3. Thank you!!! Yall are so sweet and it will be fun planning my wedding with all of you!!
  4. Hi!! I am getting married at the Sheraton in Cabo in July!! I have a great Wedding Coordinator but it is time to make decisions on a florist and a baker. What about a photographer? Any help would be great!! Lindsey
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