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    Post wedding sale!

    Glad everything got to you both!
  2. kellynadam2010

    Looking to buy chair sashes

    I know you're looking for turquoise, but I have cornflower blue (or something similiar) if you're interested. I could throw one in the mail to you if you'd want to see.
  3. kellynadam2010

    Post wedding sale!

    Quote: Originally Posted by SWallace I'm interested in the 10 sets of candle centerpieces. How did you transport them to your wedding? My wedding is in Mexico and I'm still not sure how I'm going to get everything there without anything breaking! You can email me at staceyawallace@gmail.com Unfortunately, I don't really know - our wedding was in florida and we drove. Maybe some of the other Mexico brides would have advice? I'm really not sure how shipping down there would work. They are packaged in styfofoam and were shipped to me from Bed Bath & Beyond, so I don't think breakage would be a huge concern, I'm just not sure about the logistics of shipping to Mexico.
  4. kellynadam2010

    Post wedding sale!

    Of course! They are ones that need to go through a laminator. It is just the cover and the plastic tag, you will need to print on business cards (or whatever you would like) and then insert them into the covers and laminate.
  5. kellynadam2010

    Post wedding sale!

    Update - taken: -Bag of starfish Remaining rhinstone iron-ons: Tying the knot x2 Bridesmaid x2 I do x 7
  6. kellynadam2010

    Post wedding sale!

    And some more... Cannister of ivory pealry beads, used in centerpieces: 10 available, $5.00 each Beach towels tied with raffia: $2.00 each, I think I have about 15 available in a variety of colors Welcome bags: $1.00 each 25 lime green, 4 blue, 10 yellow available Sand pails: $1.00 each, 4 available Variety of kids sand/water toys: $1.00 each, multiples available Small pink backpack - 1 has heart iron-on, 1 has palm tree: $1.00 each Small blue fish backpack - 2 available, $0.50 each
  7. kellynadam2010

    Post wedding sale!

    And some more stuff... Bridesmaid gift bags/travel bags: $5 each 3 available 3 available 1 available: 1 available: Centerpieces: 10 available/ $10 per set, some candles have been lit, most blew out quickly. Prefer local pickup/chicago area Bag of starfish: $4.00 1 large starfish $3.00 Bag of large shells: $5.00 More to come...
  8. kellynadam2010

    Can my brother officiate in FL?

    We had a friend do our ceremony - she just got ordained online. We were married in Pinellas County. We just got married last weekend, so we dont' have our stuff back yet, but I know at least for Pinellas County, you can definitely do it. We didn't send/show any additional paperwork, just had her sign the marriage license and sent it in.
  9. kellynadam2010

    Who is your Photog for you FL DW

    We used Erick Runyon - he's in the Tampa area though. e.weddings - a division of e.photographics group
  10. kellynadam2010

    Post wedding sale!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Princess J Hey! I'm also interested in the parasol, I will PM you my address if you could let me know shipping to Canada I responded to your PM and emailed you pics - let me know if you didn't get them - I will check on shipping prices for you tomorrow!
  11. kellynadam2010

    Post wedding sale!

    A few more things for now: One box (12) of white parasols (from oriental trading company), box not opened. $20.00 Iron-ons: I bought these to make t-shirts and never got around to them. $2.00 each
  12. kellynadam2010

    Post wedding sale!

    I also have a lot of paper products. I will list below, PM for pics/more info if interested. 17 Shiny black envelopes 8.75in x 5.75in. from paper and more $3.00 13 A-7 Champagne Metallic envelopes from paperandmore $3.00 25 white square 6.5in x 6.5in envelopes $2.00 19 gold pocketfolders (I am pretty sure they are the Gold Metallic A7 Himalaya from paperandmore.) $10.00 Cream vellum #28 from paperandmore, approx. 45 sheets $5.00 45 white envelopes 5in x 3.5 in $2.00
  13. kellynadam2010

    Post wedding sale!

    Quote: Originally Posted by hunniebee724 How do the laminating pouches work? Are they the ones you have to heat? Yes, they are compatible with standard thermal laminating machines.
  14. kellynadam2010

    Post wedding sale!

    Organza pouches, 10/package: $2.00/bag small; $3.00/bag large Unused stamp: This day I will marry my friend the one I laugh with, live for, dream with, love... $5.00 Ribbon spools: $1.00 each Thank you cards x6 - wine themed, blank inside: FREE Various blue ribbon strands: $2.00
  15. kellynadam2010

    Post wedding sale!

    Prices do not include shipping. First come, first served! Thanks! Either reply below or PM if interested in anything. Paypal accepted for payment. Approx. 3.5x3.5in photo opening wooden easel frames. I painted some and used them at the tables for the table names. 11 unpainted, unopened avail. $1 each + shipping. Iron on decals: Bridesmaid x 6; Tying the Knot x3; Property of Groom x1; Maid of Honor x1; Flower Girl x1; I Do x 9 $1 each +shipping. Bag of gold bands/ribbon: $2.00 Laminating pouches luggage tag & loop: 3 boxes available 25 pouches per box. $10.00 per box Palm Tree paper punch, approx 2 inches $4.00 Treasure Island coloring books: 6 avail, $1.00 each Roll of pearly string: $2.00 Palm tree favor holders: 11 available, $2.00 for all. Blue Brads: I used these on our programs, 15 unused available, approx. 45 used. $5.00 for all