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  1. Hi, I am trying to figure out how to go about putting the wedding program and the bamboo hand fans as one. I am not crafty at all, so I'm not sure this will even work. Has anybody done this, or have any helpful information on how to go about this! Thanks so much!
  2. KBbride, Thank you sooo much for all of this information! It has been super helpful. My WC is also Claudia and so far she has been great, but after about your experience I feel so good about everything. I just wrote her and asker her about the Coral Grill. How large was your wedding? We were only expecting 30 so I dont want us to be in too large of a room, but I just love the way that the Coral Grill looks in thh pictues!! I looked at your pictures and I couldnt tell if the grill was outdoors, had open air, was completely enclosed(with no windows), or just had big windows that were kept closed. Also, did you have a DJ? Did they have an IPOD dock? I think we MIGHT pay for an extra hour or two of open bar, but we figured that we would then just take the party to the lounge or the club. Last question, I saw that you all had pictures up on a screen, did they provide everything (other than the CD with the pictures) that was needed? I loved it!! Thank you sooo much! Sincerely Dearmaya!!!
  3. KBBride, What great pictures! It definitely looks like everything went smoothly! Congrats on everything. Sooo, where did you all have the reception. I had not seen that part of the resort. I loved it! Also did you take the centerpieces with you or is that what they offered? We are getting married in July and I love the idea of a simple wedding, but still want everthing to go smoothly. Thanks! Maya
  4. How did you make that monogram! I am making my postcard rsvp postcards, but I love that monogram?? I was just going to use stamp and ink to decorate the card!
  5. Oh, one more question...for those brides who had 'welcome cocktails' or 'welcome dinners', was this something that you arranged prior to getting to Barcelo? I wanted to print out an 'itenerary'type thing for guest so that we all could meet, but I wasnt sure if I would know all the details before getting to Barcelo, anybody know?
  6. I love this forum! Gives me so much information, thanks to everybody! I am getting a little confused. So the dj's are not so great, thats good to know, and people have mentioned that after eating there is not much time to dance, does the reception/dinner location have a time restriction? So if I want to have my dinner at one of the grills, will we have time to eat and dance for a while? I guess I was imagining the ceremony, cocktail (has anyone done a cocktail before?), dinner, and then dancing! I know all my guests LOVE to dance so I was hoping that we would have a good 2-3 hrs to dance.
  7. I really want to do postcards for my RSVP's, but I would also like to have the No. 10 size (long/thin) announcement, has anyone done the two and did everything fit into the envelope? What size were the postcards? Thanks!
  8. Hi! I am so excited to finally have the date down. We are getting married in July'09 and I love the idea of a fairly easy wedding! After looking at this for the past few hours I am now realizing there are many decisions and research to do. I am not sure if I should bring centerpeices, torches, name cards, candles, and maracas( I thought that was a cute idea for the plates). Does anyone who has had the wedding there or attended a wedding there have recommendations? Thanks!
  9. dearmaya

    Picked the date and the place!!!

    SO, after reading reviews, asking people who have traveled to RM, and confirming with availability, we have FINALLY decided on a place. I am sooo excited. I feel pretty good about Barcelo Maya Palace, but I would love to see pictures of weddings and get any advice. I am not a big planner so this seemed like the best way of going about our wedding. Thanks so much!