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  1. Congrats and welcome! I am also planning a small wedding btwn 10-16 people total! I am sure you will find lots of fun ideas here that you can customize for your perfect experience!
  2. Congrats and welcome!! Lots of good info and ideas on this site!!
  3. I am pretty sure music is extra- There is a choice of a DJ, just Ipod set up, orchestra, pianoist, or the musical trio. I have the romance Guide for 2009 that lists the prices for every extra. PM me with your email if you like and I can send it to you!
  4. Welcome and congrats!!!
  5. I am sure your daughter appreciates your help! Congrats to you, on her upcoming wedding!
  6. Congrats and welcome!!
  7. I am torn between C and D.. But I don't think you could go wrong with any of your choices they are all very pretty!!
  8. maymeliabride


    Congrats and welcome!!
  9. Welcome Diana and Congrats!!
  10. CONGRATS AND WELCOME!! Lots of good stuff on this site to help you out!!
  11. maymeliabride

    I'm New!

    Congrats! I hope you find lots of fun information on this site. I know it has really helped me plan!!
  12. Don't know if you are planning on changing your name or not, but we decided to do it after to avoid any issues with getting a new passport inbetween the legal ceremony and the wedding. That was the practical reason, the other reason was that it took something away from the wedding with our friends and family, if we had been married before we even got to the resort.
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