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  1. After the pictures you are pretty much on your own. We just hung out at one of the bars after pictures but before dinner. The folks who do the coordinating leave after the wedding. They will take your cake to where ever you are eating with your champangne ect- but there aren't any other included festivities. If you want a traditional dance/reception you may have to pay for music at the terrace or at Riu Cancun. I would imagine that later that night the DJ at the Riu Cancun could probably play a dance for you- they are all very friendly- but I would say if you want a more formal reception you will have to create those yourself
  2. Directly after the wedding we did our toast and cake- just the intitial piece- the rest we ate after dinner. The pics took about 45 minutes and they did about 200 shots between the two of them. They were 550 USD for 72 pics, copyright, and 2 great albums. While we did pics our guests went to the bar- (we had the wedding at 6pm- but you can only get seated for dinner at 645- or 830- so we chose 830 so we weren't rushed) after that we hung out and had cocktails at the outdoor bar, then went to dinner. We brought our own fluts- which I had in my carry on, and checked our cake servers.No questions at all from the airline since it was not in the carry-on. I booked photographers in advance- but you can email Pamela and tell her to book them if you choose. They allow 3 songs- they can't be in MP3 - just a CD format burned off a laptop worked. I brought 3 songs but only did one during my sand ceremony because I really liked their music. They did set up speakers but it was hard for me to hear since the speakers were for my guests and not for me. The ocean is louder when you think! But your guests will hear you for sure. Let me know if you have other ?'s happy to help
  3. Hello all, I just returned from my wedding there. I will try to be as detailed as possible- but the one thing you MUST know- is not to worry! It is all done for you and there is no way you can mess it up! I got married Aug 4th- SUPER HOTTTT! The wedding coordinator left me a message at the desk with my check in paperwork- which is good because they upgraded me when they saw I was a bride! I met her and her assistant the next morning.They have a check list that they go over with you so they don't forget anything. I did not have any attendants and we didn't do our own vows but we did have a sand ceremony. When you have your meeting with her she guides you through EVERYTHING. Flowers- walk through- rain outs ect. So you don't have to worry. You just have to tell her what you need from her- I had flutes and cake stuff as well as my sand stuff- she will need you to tell her what you want. She did excellent. I have NOT one compliant about her. The wedding day I spent at the spa, and they did so good. I got a massage, pedi, hair, and makeup done and I was only there for 3 hours! I arranged it all in advance- which I think is the way to go. My wedding was up by the pool- they closed it off 2 hours before and rinsed it and dried it. The flowers were already up and now we just had to wait. They seated my guests and came to get me at my room. I walked down the aisle with my hunny and everything was perfect.The only thing about the wedding was the microphone. I could not hear the minister over the waves and such. We hired the RPLA photographers and they did excellent. That was the right choice. They took pictures during and after the wedding- they did some by the ocean. We got married at 6pm- the sun goes down in the summer at 730 so we got some great pics! We had our dinner at Tapas house and they treated us like kings! They broight all the flowers and my flutes and cake in there as well. The cake doesn't look yummy- but it is. My advice is to know what you want and what you DON'T want and communicate that to Pamela. I had no issues with her or anyone at the Hotel at all. It was the right choice for me.Pics can be found at Nicole Hatton's Photos - Some wedding pics | Facebook I paid 550 for the photographers (There were 2 photographers that came and took pics- they work in a team) and 72 printedpics in 2 photo albums- with the CD and copyright to all 72.
  4. Hi ladies- D day is quickly approaching. I have not had any problems emailing the WC. Thelongest I have waited is a day and a half. Emailing the actual Hotel seems to be more difficult!
  5. nicitronrox

    getting married at Riu Cancun

    I have been to this Hotel.I had a great time. The staff is excellent.Everyone speaks english. It is veryclean, pretty and fun. I had not one complaint. I did see a wedding there,and the only thing I can say isthe Gazeebo location could be better. It is not very secluded,and kind of in the middle of everything. They rope it off, but its still kinda tight. Congrats! Let me know if you have other ??'s
  6. nicitronrox

    Riu Palace Las Americas Bride

    I am getting married there also- I have been to Riu Cancun, and it was great - so I would assume this would be too!!
  7. I booked with RPLA also,and in all of the paperwork it says "no exception" not to mention that you won't be able to see them on other days on the resort property. I stayed at Riu Cancun and they do enforce their rulesthere,so I would assume they are serious Good luck to you!
  8. nicitronrox

    Our wedding at riu palace las americas cancun

    I am getting married there is Aug.I have stayed next door,and it was perfect- so I can't wait to see the upgraded palace!
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    Yay! Finally someone else! Why did you choose this hotel?
  10. nicitronrox


    My name is Nicole and we are getting married at the Riu Cancun LasAmericas on Aug 4th 2009. My dress is Colby by Maggie Sottero