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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your Grandpa - that's really terrible. I hope he (and you) are okay. I live in Calgary as well and I will say this, the roads suck and there have been a TON of accidents in the last week or so. Just last night I had to have 4 people push my car away from a curb because I was so stuck! So, I think that it's not really your fault with the accident. I'm sorry your week wasn't so good but I'm sure it will get better!!!
  2. baj123

    GAME: Sexiest Man Alive

    #87 - Mario Lopez - I just can not understand it. 1. Hugh Jackman 2. Matt Damon 3. Chace Crawford 4. Taye Diggs 5. Chris Meloni 7. Brad Pitt 8. Daniel Craig 9. Patrick Dempsey 10. Josh Brolin 11. Leonardo DiCaprio 12. Ben Affleck 13. Gerard Butler 14. Johnny Depp 15. Will Smith 16. Javier Bardem (JDM look alike) 17. Robert Downey Jr 18. Jake Gyllenhaal 19. Seal 20. Michael Cera 21. William Moseley 22. Penn Badgley 23. Cristiano Ronaldo 24. Ryan Eggold 25. Brody Jenner 26. Tony Parker 27. Roger Federer 29. Aaron Yoo 30. Usher 31. Milo Ventimiglia 33. Enrique Islesias 34. Ryan Phillippe 35. Pharrell Williams 36. Jason O'Mara 37. Michael C. Hall 38. Will Arnett 39. Paul Rudd 40. Jamie Foxx 41. Keith Urban 42. Chris DeWolfe 43. Gavin Rossdale 44. Keanu Reeves 45. James Denton 46. Chris Botti 47. Laurence Fishburne 48. Antonio Banderas 50. Viggo Mortensen 51. Daniel Day-Lewis 52. Andy Garcia 53. Kevin Costner 54. Dennis Quaid 55. Pierce Brosnan 56. Liam Neeson 57. Sting 58. Ed Harris 59. Armand Assante 60. George Clooney 61. Matthew McConaughey 62. Shia LeBeouf 63. Gael Garcia Bernal 64. Christian Bale 65. Mark Wahlberg 66. David Beckham 69. Bow Wow 70. Jesse McCartney 71. Ed Westwick 72. Robert Pattinson 73. John Krasinski 74. Tyson Beckford 75. Justin Timberlake 76. Josh Holloway 77. Scott Speedman 78. Josh Lucas 79. Jonny Lee Miller 80. Blair Underwood 81. Blake Shelton 82. Aaron Staten 85. Chad Michael Murray (Carly removed) 86. Simon Baker 88. Tim Daly 89. Lang Lang 90. Jon Hamm 91. Dominic Cooper 92. Mike Rowe 93. Robert Buckley 94. Bear Grylls 95. Neel Kashkari 97. Maksim Chmerkovskiy 98. Bel Silverman 99. Todd Palin 100. Brayn Clay 101. Andre Balazs 102. Nate Berkus 103. Alex Ferrer 104. Todd Abrams 105. Juanes 106. Cayetano Rivera Ordonez 107. Ryan Reynolds 108. Nathan Gunn 109. Lewis Hamilton 110. Prince Harry 111. Brian Cox 112. James Franco 113. Joshua Jackson 115. Donnie Wahlberg 116. Joey McIntyre 117. Jonathan Knight 118. Danny Wood 119. Darius Rucker 120. Mark-Paul Gosselaar 121. Rafael Nadal 122. Garrett Neff 123. Lauren Korcia 124. Rob Marciano 125. TJ Lavin 126. Baron Baptiste 128. Sean Connery 129. Lenny Kravitz 130. L L Cool J
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    Brrrr- it's -32 Celsius outside

    Wow - I didn't think it was possible but it's actually warmer here at -29 Celesius and -42 with the windchill! Good luck to you!
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    Quote: Originally Posted by sally I totally love Banff and am sooo jealous that you are getting married there. Banff was my second place choice for our wedding and now you've said you're getting married there I might change my mind...... Where in Banff are you getting married? I love Banff too!!! It's so gorgeous, especially in the winter with all of the snow and the mountains. We're getting married at The Juniper which is this really modern, yet rustic, boutique hotel at the base of Mount Norquay with views of Mount Rundle and the Banff Springs hotel. One year still seams way too far away!
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    Thank you for all of the warm welcomes! This is so exciting and it sounds like you all have such great celebrations planned!
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    Hi, my name is Belinda and I am getting married Nov 29, 2009 in Banff, Canada. Obviously I'm new to this board but I've been reading up on some of the forums in the last few days and I've learned so much already!