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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by andim Hello all! I've been trying to figure this out and you all seem to be much more helpful than my TA or resort WC so maybe you can help! We are wanting to get married at the Iberostar grand, we met with someone at the hotel while we were there and she said kids could come to the wedding and to the reception but only if we rented out La Brisa and had the wedding on the beach. Has anyone done this? I seem to hear from everyone that they told them NO kids so I'm confused! Quote: Originally Posted by jpitts78 This is want was sent to me via email before: Dear Claudia Grand Paraiso is for grown up exclusive not kids allowed. The only option is rent la brisa for a private reception Please find the attached info Restaurant La Brisa (4 hours rental from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm) for groups composed by 30 people or more La Brisa restaurant rental (does not include meal) US$ 1000 DJ (to be paid in cash) US$ 280 Per person (includes dinner and drinks) US$ 50 p/p Important: The above prices are subject to change without notice.Exchange Rate: 1 USD is approximately 10 Mexican Pesos. If you need furher information, please, do not hesitate to contact us once again, we will be more than glad to assist you. Sincerely yours, Martha Rivas Cordinadora de bodas Wedding coordinator Iberostar Grand Paraiso Tel. (52) 984 8772800 Ext. 8597 Fax (52) 984 8772862 weddings.grandparaiso@iberostar.com.mx -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- De: Claudia Augustson [mailto:caugustson@destinationweddings.com] Enviado el: Jueves, 24 de Julio de 2008 01:30 p.m. Para: weddings.grandparaiso@iberostar.com.mx Asunto: Hi Gemma, Can guests who are not staying at the Grand Paraiso attend the wedding? They will be staying at the Lindo or the Maya. Can children attend the wedding? What would the cost be for both children and adults? Thank you Claudia Augustson The iberostar changes rules all the time so if they told you this get it in writting and hold them to it (they will oblige as long as you have it in writting). We had our reception at la brisa and loved loved loved it (you can see la brisa in our pics)! (this was during swine flu and closing of del mar which all our stuff was originally planned at so we had it at la brisa since we were paying for private reception anyways; therefore they allowed kids for ours at grand.) However, remember if your guests are not staying at the grand you will be paying a daypass charge for them to come to wedding at the grand (i think it's $50-100 per person)!!! Also, I believe a plate per person at la brisa is 12 yrs and older $50. Which really isn't mentioned upfront so please keep this in mind. As long as you haven't booked anything or reserved a date with them yet (by sending them credit card and personal information) there is always always always room for negotiating!!! You will be surprised on the discounts you may recieve if you play it as "well do you want my business and all my guests or not because I am also talking with the ____ resort and they will do this for me". See if they can waive the daypass charges this is a riducoulous charge anyways!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Barefoot in the Sand Ok so I had the exact same question regarding the extra amount. We are paying for the cake, the champagne, the wedding set up, and the private waiter service. Good luck. They also do not give you anything having more rooms booked. Because it's a rip and that's how all the all inclusive resorts do it... Is the short and sweet of it! It would be advised if you didn't fax/email them all your information regarding reserving a date; to negotiate with them before you start booking and reserving rooms. (we did all the negotiating before booking or reserving a date and there was some wiggle room because they wanted our business). But from the sounds of it you already booked rooms so that is out of the question. Basically, they have you by the gonads and there isn't to much for negotiating now that everything is booked. You can however look into outside vendors for more economical pricing and better quality (I recommend this and we did this and we loved the results). Wish I had a better answer for you...
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureBotter Hey girls! Finishing up some pages in our welcome books ... FI had a great idea to make a page of recommended drinks and shots! So, I'm turning to the experts ... drinks/shots ... throw them at me!! What do you recommend and what should we definitely order up while we're down there?? Thanks!! (2 bags packed today!! Yippee!!!) Maimi Vice LOVE THOSE THINGS!
  4. I just got my photo's in!!! YEAH!!! Check them out... They were done by Claudia Rodriguez's photographer Citlalli. Swine flu was the best thing that ever happened to us because even though the Del Mar was closed and we spent 2 years planning everything with them and all our outside vendors (florist, makeup, hair, photographer) IT WORKED OUT PERFECT!!! They let us still use the del mar gazebo and because we were having a private reception at the del mar's brazilian steakhouse (that they were shutting down for us since the del mar was closed that was a no go soooo) we got to have it at LA BRISA at the Iberostar Grand - MUY PERFECTO! It was what when we started negoitaiting 2 yrs ago we originally wanted and they said no way no how because we had kids in our group WELL THANK GOODNESS FOR SWINE FLU because all the b.s. we went through was a blessing in disguise! The food at the GRAND IS PHENOMINAL (that's where we stayed but had the wedding planned for the Del Mar and our guests ended up getting all free upgrades to the MAYA not just the lindo) but like I said we definetly went through some b.s. but it all paid off in the end! And now we just found out that we have a new adventure coming up - I am pregnant (that's why I have been to busy to post or read what's been going on sorry I feel so out of the loop) lol!!!! I want to wish all the upcoming iberostar brides the best of luck! XOXOXO Here is the link to the pics since I know we all love pics: Danielle & Daniel | May 16th 2009 | Iberostar Paraiso, Mexico
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by jlj1176 Hi Gail, Reyna emailed me at 11 pm last night telling me that we are now being upgraded to the Lindo. She send a PDF about the steakhouse but not much information about it. I am happy for the upgrade - but really frustrated about the wedding portion of our trip. Have you found out any information regarding the steakhouse? Is it a "private" venue? Is it open air like the the Tropical? I am wondering if we just have to go there for dinner and then plan a separate area for drinks / dancing? Any help anyone can give me regarding the Lindo would be much appreciated!!! Thanks, Jennifer We ate at the steak house one night it has awesome food! The tenderlion is excelent. It is not an open air restaurant - it's air conditioned- and is located right by the lobby of the maya (if we are talking about the same one I forget the name). I have pics of it in my non pro pics the link is listed in my signuture section. It is kinda "T" shaped with 3 seperate rooms but all interconnected so unless they are shutting down the entire restaurant this will not be private enough to have a dance off! The decor is nice but it does have light fixtures in the shapes of bull horns so be forwarned. There is also a room that has a huge mural of a bull. Therefore, you will probably need to schedule for an event after dinner to have cocktails/dancing...
  6. Gail I just wanna wish you luck, you'll be leaving soon! Super excited for you! Please, let me know the second you come back your a sweet heart and if there is anything you need feel free to email me! Remember sit back and relax your 1st MIAMI VICE is on me LOL the rest you will have to pay for on your own! HAHA... Trust me and get one they are the shiznit!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by noelynn What did you end up doing for your ceremony? Did you write your own vows or have readers? Thanks, Noel we just repeated the judges vows no writting of our own.... No readers either just did the basic civil legal ceremony. it took all of 10 minutes (15 if that)!
  8. hello may brides!!! just got back from riviera maya MEXICO! and god was it beautiful we had the entire resort to just our group and ourselves and the staff waited on us hand and foot! I'll tell you anytime there is a pandemic i am surely traveling to that country LOL!!! here are some pics from riviera maya mexico the Iberostar resorts (you just have to have an account with snapfish or walgreens it's absolutely free to join)! Snapfish: Share:Registration Walgreens Photo Center | Share:Registration
  9. ooohhh and a quick heads up... You do not need to wait for wedding coordinator to send you the marriage liscense and apositille to legally change your name in the usa! I thought i was gonna have to wait it out for the apositille (which takes the wc about 4-5 months) but you don't!!! So for all of you that are going to take the hubby's last name all you need is the certificates that the wc gives you while in mexico! I went to the social sercurity office today (you don't have to go in person I just did) and all you need is the marriage liscense/certificate (i don't know which is which but i think i have copies of both either will work), passport, driver's liscense/id card, and if you have your original social sercurity card than you fill out a S-55 form (you can do all this online and mail it from your house too) when there and vo-lah they will send you a new card in 2 weeks. (once, you apply for your social security card you can change all your credit cards and bank accounts over to your new name) I just applied for social security card today and changed all my credit cards and bank accounts in the same day. (credit cards were simple since they check everything electronically you don't have to do anything but make a phone call and the bank accounts i just had to show them my marriage certificate and reciept i got from social security office and they changed all the names on our accounts) Once, you have the social security card you can go to dmv with marriage certificate and social security card and get a new driver's liscense and id card. From there you can change passport and whatever else needs to be done. So don't wait for that apositille you don't need to!!!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Detroitbride Danielle - where did you get your fans at? Love your pics as well. my fan's i got at favorsandflowers.com they even made all the tags too! Quote: Originally Posted by LDeeken Danielle thank you so much for sharing your pictures! You looked beautiful! I love the way you had the gazebo decorated. Did the iberostar do that or did you do it yourself? Nope, the iberostar didn't do it. My florist did all the decorations and floral arrangements you seen he is marvin kinil at maya diseno floral his email is: marvin@mayadisenofloral.com.mx and website: mayadisenofloral.com.mx Also, random question for anyone. My soon-to-be sister in law just said that she heard nudity was allowed at some of the resorts!! I just wanted to know if anyone has seen any of that during their trips. I stayed at the Maya in 2006 and saw none of that. They have kids so I want to make sure they feel comfortable with staying there without having to worry about nakedness around the pool/beach. I was just there and there is definetly no nakedness (well except when I went drunk skinny dippin in the ocean at 3 am) but definetly no nakedness allowed Quote: Originally Posted by panda91376 Danielle - Great pics! I am so happy for you! How did you like the reception at La Brisa at the Grand? We have it booked for April 18, 2010 and I'm excited to hear how it was. It looks like the view is beautiful, but I'm worried about how to decorate to make it feel warm and full, you know? What did you do? And what were the food/menu options? take a look at my pics i posted the link on this page or the last one and you can see we used alot of candle light (actually a sh*t load of candles we had over 60 candles everywhere)!!! We also used huge centerpieces to try to fill the space! you can see how the room is setup in my walgreens link to my photos (we did 4 circle tables in bewtween the columns and 1 long rectangular table in bewtewwn center columns than we had the cake in the middle and bride/groom 2 person table right in front of everyone and buffet area) as for the menu options you have 3 choices: ------------------------------------------------- Restaurant La Brisa (maximum50 pax) MENU - 1 Lobster Ossobucco with sprouts and sea air * * * * * Pumpkin soupcream textures and soft cheese crunchy * * * * * Grilled Premium Angus Beef Tenderloin Truffle soup, Green Asparagus and Baked Potato * * * * * Chocolate Bon bon and Rose Petals Sugar Pistils and Raspberry --------------------------------------------- Restaurant La Brisa ( maximum 50 pax ) MENU - 2 * * * * * Capresse Salad on cheese Tulip seeds Balsamic and pesto vinaigrette * * * * * Queen Poultry soupcream with “profiteriols†and sherry perfume * * * * * Grilled Beef Tournedo on Lobster Medallions with Bearnaise and American sauce * * * * * Apple Tatin, vanilla cream and caramel needle * * * * * ----------------------------------------- This is a buffet menu! DINNER BUFFET for GROUPS, nº 1 (until 85 pax) RESTAURANT “LA BRISA†SALADS Sliced Tomato, Lettuce, Cucumber, Onion, Peppers, Palmheart, Asparagus, germinated TEA SPOONS Shrimp Ceviche, White Bait, Smoked Salmon, Mussels and Vinaigrette, Salmon Roe, Duck Ham and grapes, Tuna in Oil MINI BROCHETTE Octopus with potatoes, Ham with melon, mozzarella with tomato, Sushi MIRRORS Smoked Salmon, Roast Beef, Turkey Breast, Pâté “au campagneâ€, Shrimps with lemon CHESSES Camembert, Goat, Manchego, Roquefort, Emmental COLD CUTS Three Peppers Salami, Olives, Ham of Praga, Red sausage HOT DISHES: Broccoli with almonds Pilaf Rice Sautèed with ham spinaches Hazelnuts Potatoes Bolognesse Fettuccini Andaluzian fried squid Cod fish Croquettes Shrimps in rosemary brochettes Grilled red snapper tenderloin American Lobster Rib-Eye Grille Filet Mignon Prawns Vol au Vent Llasagne Fiorentina Lamb Strudel Cordon Blue TRINCHE Stuffed Turkey Roulade with Fruits Flavored BREAD BUFFET AND FLAVORED BUTTERS DESSERTS BUFFET Mini cakes selection, Seasonal Fruits, Ice creams, Creams and Mousses -------------------------------------------------------- we did menu option 2 it was steak and lobster as the main course and people are still raving about it! Thanks, and congrats! Quote: Originally Posted by Ctodd8 I am late to join, but I have been reading over these pages and want to say thanks for all the valuable information. Especially everything related to the re-opening plans! I feel more in the loop now. I am getting married July 6th at del Mar. Has anyone organized a fun group event that didn't cost an arm and a leg? I would like to plan and host a group event for all of my guests. There will be about 40 of us altogether. oohhh we did ziplining through selvatica we booked it directly through them and it was $80 a person it was awesome!!! it's called the canopy adventure tour at selvatica great times!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by paraisobeachbride2009 Danielle - Welcome back girl, I missed ya around here!! Your pictures are fantastic and you looked so gorgeous! Did you do your own hair/makeup? Your gazebo was decorated beautifully, I am totally jealous!! I'm so glad everything worked out for you. I can't wait to read your review!! Oh and your bouquet was amazing...you used an outside vendor for that right? Quote: Originally Posted by kef1274 Danielle, you look absolutely gorgeous! Did you do your own hair? Wow, I hope I look half as good as you do! Quote: Originally Posted by sunandrun Danielle, Congratulations and welcome back. I am so glad to here that everything worked out so great for you. You looked absolutely beautiful! I love the 2 dresses! Quote: Originally Posted by kimrae99 Great photos Danielle! You look beautiful!! Thanks for sharing and congratulations!!! Thanks for all the compliments, ya'll are to sweet! Yep, we used outside vendors for everything such as (makeup/flowers and decor/dj/photographer). My hair was done by my b.f.f's which are hairstylists here in Illinois (they work out of planet color in mokena ask for Karen or Jackie- just giving them a shout out in case any of you need a good hairstylist)! Since, my 2 b.f.f.'s were flying out for the wedding anyhow they insisted on doing everyone's hair (gotta love them girls for that) They did a total of 7 girls hair including themselves! Which was super nice cuz I got 2 hairstyles in 1 day (one for the ceremony which was 1/2 up and 1/2 down and the other for the reception which was all up). And trust me by that time my locks needed to go all up I lost most of the curls by that time and my neck was just sweating with all that hair on me! So I stole them from the cocktail hour 30min early and they helped me get out of the wedding dress into the reception dress and threw my hair up and their own to get down to some serious parting! Quote: Originally Posted by kimrae99 Can anyone give me a little more information on the dress code at the a la cartes? I know the men are required to wear long pants. Is that the only thing they require? Thanks! As far as this goes the men are required to wear dress pants (or linen pants) and a collard shirt. This is a must! They made 3 of our guys go and change because they had on cargo shorts and a collard polo shirt. Now the day before they had on the same attire and they were let into the steak house restaruant at the maya but were told to change when they went to the japenese resturant.. So i think it all depends on the hostess at the front desk! If you don't want problems just let everyone know dress pants and collard shirt (no gym shoes or jeans are permitted). They can wear sandles!
  12. Ohhh and here are some pics of the resorts and restuarants (well and some other stuff). Walgreens Photo Center | Share:Registration
  13. Hello ladies, well were back, back again! and it was lovely!!! We ended up having our ceremony/cocktail hour as planned at the del mar wedding gazebo and they let us do our reception at la brisa at the grand (even with kids)! It was amazing and glad it is over I can finally sleep again - whew!!! Here are some pics my sister in law has up on snapfish.com (which is completly free to sign up). check them out and I will write a review later: Snapfish: Share:Registration loved every minute of it! you will not be dissappointed if you are staying at the grand it was and is the best hotel i have ever stayed in!
  14. uh oh only 18 hours till we leave! Super stoked! Thank you ladies for all your help and information you have sent to my email! You all have been a life saver!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Hartyt509 I leave in 2 days! and i've done nowt lol I need to clean the house major, tidy up and pack lol have I done anything? Have I shit lol FI has been off all day and guess what he's done? correct FUCK ALL lol he's cut the grass in the garden and thats it and the cheeky twat just said on Sat we can clean the house!! hello he's off tomorrow and I'm at work! Honestly I think i might kill him before the wedding lol Nah, don't kill him before the wedding do what I am gonna do... Just accidentally lose his passport!!! that'll be way funnier!!!
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