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    Riu Negril Bride to Be

    Congratulations to you as well! 29 days? How are you feeling? Has your resort taken care of everything that you need up to this point?
  2. Roxie-d

    Riu Negril Bride to Be

    Thank you very much! I am excited to be here. Everyone is wso helpful....
  3. Roxie-d

    Punta Cana or Wisconsin--Undecided

    Hi! Have you considered going away to get married and then having a reception in Wisconsin when you return? Perhaps showing a slide show of your wedding?
  4. Roxie-d

    RIU Negril

    Hi and congrats on your upcoming wedding. My fiance and I are going to be getting married at Riu Negril in May 2009. I got some of my information from the Riu site online, but I also did research on sites like Visit Jamaica. This helped me to create our invitations, which looks like a smaller version of a travel guide mixed with information about our wedding. We are using postcards for reply cards to and everyone is getting excited about travelling for the wedding. I was born in Canada, but my family is Jamaican. On the other hand, alot of my fiance's family is from the Maritimes and have never been to the Caribbean so it is important to try and give them as much preparatory information as is possible.
  5. Congratulations on your wedding! The pictures were great and helped me out immensely with planning our wedding in Negril for 2009.
  6. Roxie-d

    Riu Negril Bride to Be

    Hi Everyone, I hope that I am doing this right... my name is Rosie and I am getting married at the Riu Negril on May 14th, 2009 on the beach. I joined this forum for ideas and insight from other brides planning a destination wedding. Planning from Ontario, Canada can be hectic from time to time! Congrats to all who are getting married.