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  1. Kim- Your wedding pictures look amazing, congratulations! Opice- Wow, 7 more days until your wedding... I'm excited for you and can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. I hope it is everything you expect and more. kelley
  2. Hi Everyone! I am hoping to be a Cabo bride also... no exact date set yet but sometime in early 2010. Username: kelvu Name: kelley Location: somewhere in cabo Date: Jan or May 2010
  3. Jessica, I can't thank you enough for all the information you have provided me... I really appreciate it. Fernanda finally got back to me but she did not include the prices of the packages but that isn't too important right now since I got an idea of the prices from you. The photographer is really important to me also.. and I am so glad that you gave me some names so that I can start researching, I had no idea where to start on that. I see you are getting married in May, have you heard anything on how the weather is over there at that time? I was thinking of January but am now considering May if the weather permits. I also see you're from San Antonio, I'm from Houston.. so I figure whatever the weather if we can take the Texas heat we should be able to take the heat in mexico Thanks again for all of your help! Jen, I know I started to plan early.. I was planning on getting married January of 2010 so I wanted to make sure I get everything done early so I don't have to settle for anything I don't really want. I was looking into some other hotels such as the Westin, and Casa Magna but really have my heart set on the Hilton. I have read so many good things about the Hilton... How about you, what other locations are you looking in to? Kelley
  4. Jessica, I don't have enough points to open the attachment, could you please email me at ktran157@gmail.com? Thanks!!! I also plan to get legally married at home also so probably will not need all the extras that are included in the lily and orchid packages. Do you have any suggestions on photographers? Are you using the hiring an outside photographer or the one from the Hilton? Kelley
  5. Hi!! Wow you guys have been so helpful in providing information about the Hilton, Thanks!! I would love to have a wedding at the Hilton also, I would like to get married in January 2010. I know I'm planning a little early I was hoping that someone could give me an estimate of the costs of the wedding packages. I would like to just get an idea of how much the costs of the ceremony and reception would be for about 30 people. I have emailed Fernanda but she has not gotten back to me yet. Thanks!!
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    Kelley January 2010 Cabo or Cancun
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