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  1. I'm in the same boat. Been sick since Labour Day, even went to the doctor. Said it's just a cold/virus. It's finally starting to let up... Thank goodness.
  2. Hello, I have a question about June or July wedding dates in Jamaica. My FI and I were originally looking at booking our wedding in December 2009, however, my brother is a teacher and will be unable to get time off of work. I really want him to be there so our only option, aside from switching to an at home wedding, would be to have a DW when he's not teaching. What have other brides experienced during June and July where it's considered the rainy season? Thanks Stacey
  3. Hi all Albertan brides! I am a recent Nova Scotian transplant to the NWT and am looking for information on businesses in Alberta that I can contact for Save the Dates and Invitations. Being in a remote location, a business with a good website would be very handy. Thank you so much in advance. Stacey
  4. Welcome! There is a lot of great info on the site.
  5. Hi, We're looking at the RIU Negril too and noticed that there is no info on the forum about the resort. Were you able to find anything? Stacey
  6. We're looking at the RIU Negril. I have been looking around and have been finding many brides have chosen ROR though. Are there any specific reasons why? Also any info on the Negril would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Stacey
  7. Hi Everyone! I'm Stacey and we're planning a Jamaican wedding in December 2009.
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