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  1. Hi ladies, I'm back! Had a great week with some bumps along the road. Wedding was fabulous and I am very happy with my choice. I will get to work on a review for everyone. Can't believe I am a Mrs!
  2. Kelie - Daniela's been responding to my emails from romance1@paradisusrivieracancun.com.mx I really like her and am feeling quite confident in her. Let me know if you have any more questions. I got a nice surprise today when the daughter and boyfriend of my dad's cousin that had to cancel booked their trip and are going to surprise her 2 sisters that are coming down. So my number stays at 25.
  3. The price she has down for the centrepieces are $50 a piece. I have to say that I already really like Daniela. Her emails to me are much more complete (maybe her English is better then Perla's?). She told me that she has been with the Paradisus for at least the past year, but was laid off for 3 months after the whole swine flu fiasco. Maybe Perla didn't leave and she has just been laid off for her time period too? Daniela seems better at making suggestions when I ask. Last day at work today! Don't think it's going to be very productive!
  4. Hi ladies, To answer some of the recent questions...no I am not doing a honeymoon...yet at least. We'll probably keep an eye out for some deals later on down the line. Daniela emailed me back and answered most of my questions. She sent me 2 invoices - one she priced out based on the Wish package and the 2nd priced on all customized. The customized was actually about $400 cheaper. She also sent me pics on centrepiece options and I'm pretty happy with them (will try to attach for you). As far as outside vendors, the fee is $300.00. I have asked multiple times if I need anything else to bring Mannia in as my dj and have only been told about the $300 and that is all that she put on the quote she sent me too. I've never been told anything about a supervision fee or been sent anything to provide to Mannia. But I know in reading this thread in the past, I have seen contracts that brides have been required to have the outside dj send and they've been told about supervision fees. If they ask for me to pay, the answer will be no! For photographers, if your photographer is staying as a guest at the hotel, you do not need to pay the fee. If you are bringing someone in just for the day, you will pay $300 for the outside fee, not just the guest pass. I originally planned on doing salad, meal, dessert and cake. Daniela suggested dumping dessert and adding a soup. She told me that usually people don't eat the cake if you serve dessert. So I am going with that suggestion. I think that's it for now. I am trying to figure out my sand ceremony now...god I shouldn't leave things till the last minute! And don't worry ladies...I will come back and share my review with you all. I just have to make it through one more day of work and then I am off and running around! Oh and the question about make up...I am going to Mac to have a trial done and pick up the make up I will need and then will do it myself down there. Hoping my hair goes better down there then the trial I did here on the weekend. Oh, and I almost forgot...bachelorette was great. I recommend pole dancing to anyone : )
  5. I thought Daniela wasn't there anymore, but I got finally got an email from her asking me to call. I really didn't want to do this over the phone, again because I want things in writing and because I am worried about accents and misunderstandings over the phone. But at least I did get a response. I guess Cecilia forwarded the email after my third try. Will have to call tomorrow and keep you posted. What's this about the Paradisus doing 2 weddings a day? I hope that doesn't happen on my day as one of the reasons I chose the resort was that they only do 1 wedding a day and I didn't want to feel like I was in a conveyor belt.
  6. That's just wonderful that she has responded to some of you, but I still haven't heard anything and I am leaving on Saturday. Grrr!!! I am going to call today, but I much prefer to have things in writing then just verbal. Stresssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I sent an email and marked it urgent on Tuesday and haven't heard back (mind you I had a lot of questions). I even put in the subject that my wedding was in 2 weeks. I'm annoyed that no one proactively contacted me to advise that Perla left (and Perla could have told me since she just emailed me on the 26th of Dec. Oh well! Just found out yesterday that 2 of my guests are having to cancel. He is having heart problems and has been told he can't drive or fly for 6 months. Very upset, but they are seeing if they can transfer the tickets to their daughter and her boyfriend. I feel bad because I know they were looking forward to coming and I really wanted them there. I guess that's life though. My dad picked our song last night...well, he picked three and left me to pick. It will be Louie Armstrong - What a wonderful world. He had some other father daughter songs but it just doesn't fit with our relationship. My MIL picked a horrible song to dance with the FH, so he needs to break it to her gently and help choose a different one.
  8. Thanks Kellie for the email address. It's crazy how fast the time flies. I have my bachlorette this weekend and then I leave the next weekend!!!
  9. Ok, I am leaving in less then 2 weeks and just read that Perla has left Paradisus! AHHH!!! Is Cecilia answering emails at the same address, or is there a different one for her? I can't believe I will be married in just over 2 weeks...crazy!
  10. Hi ladies, I really can't find the time to read through the whole thread, but I have read the last few pages. My wedding is coming up really quickly, and I've only just started on my OOT bags. I really would like tanks/tees for my guests. Any suggestions on where to go? I live in the GTA if that helps any. I really appreciate any help. There are 25 of us going, including bride and groom. Thanks!
  11. Sarah...did you do the legal ceremony? I've been trying to find info to have a better idea of how it goes. Am I correct that the minister speaks Spanish and then there is a translator? DId you have any input as to what was said?
  12. Welcome back Sarah! At least if you were going to get sick, it was after the wedding and at the end of the trip and not the beginning! Hope you are feeling better and thank goodness for insurance!!!! Can't wait to hear the full review...I can't believe my ticker is down to days!
  13. Kelly, I wouldn't worry about it. You still have plenty of time. Most of mine booked in September/October for my January wedding and some just booked end of November.
  14. Water drums is basically a performance of guys beating their drums that have water sitting on the top. You can email weddingsrivieramaya@gmail.com. I am getting the Mariachi band and water drums through them. Water drums are not cheap, especially since it's only a 20 minutes performance. You're looking at $800 US (though I would always try to negotiate). Plus you have to pay outside vendor fee to the hotel. I really hope it is worth it! I'll let you know my thoughts when I get back.
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