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    Punta Cana Photographers

    I will be in the DR in January and February based on the North Coast. So you would just play for a short commuter flight from Puerto Plata to Punta Cana plus the hotel. I agree with many of the other photographer's sentiments here. From what I've seen it looks like Photo Souvenir does some nice work. But it can definitely be worth it to hire your own photographer if you are looking to capture the experience of the entire day in addition to beautiful beach photographs. For 8 hours I typically shoot 2,500 photos or more and turn over 800-1,000 on cd. I believe this is not uncommon for many of the north american based wedding photographers. Here's a link for a recent non-destination wedding. Jeff and Josie Again, it depends on the style your looking for, how you click with the photographer etc.
  2. I will be in the Cabarete/PuertoPlata area in January and February. While I'm less familiar with Puerto Plata, please let me know if anyone has any questions about Cabarete (30 minutes away). Cabarete also does not have the white sugar sand of Punta Cana, they still have some beautiful sunrises and sunsets and if you're looking to explore I would definitely suggest checking out the kite and windsurfers (or giving it a try!). There is also surfing at Encuentro Beach between PP and Cabarete. Renee
  3. Yes, I am planning on spending quite a bit of time there in January and February. I am training a Dominican in photography so there will be two shooters and no travel expenses.
  4. In a previous post, I included a link to a slide show from a recent wedding at RIU Palace. It covers a couple of days including the rehearsal dinner and the reception, both of which were in the steakhouse. The meal was exactly the same both nights. For the night of the reception, it was private. There was an area marked off for the dance floor - actually the area where they ate the rehearsal dinner. The couple loaded up an ipod and the Riu Palace had someone to work the ipod/computer and speakers as well as a microphone - one of the guests played MC. The sound-set up was really good. I looked at the Chapel area for photographs - it is a little ways away from the pool and it's pretty but there are beach chairs very close by so it's not too private. It's not like you can step away and immediately take big family photos on the beach without dragging chairs out of the way. As previously posted, it rained and the ceremony was held in a conference room - the bride did not know where the ceremony would be (nor did I) until she was brought there for the ceremony. I would really keep on the WC about these kind of details before the big day. Hope the info helps! Renee
  5. Hi, Just wanted to let people know that I will be in Cabarete the first week in September. If anyone is in the area checking out hotels and would like to meet, let me know. Also, I am willing to do a couple of free engagement shoots during that time. If you're interested, send me a note. Renee
  6. Rcobb

    Do you like what you do for a living?

    I have to agree with James. I LOVE my job as a photographer. For me, it's a second career. I was a lawyer and wound up doing IT consulting for large government contractors for several years. Now, I'm around happy people and feel like I produce something that really matters. Definitely follow your passions!
  7. Sure. They're on the links page or you can just go to: Matt and Susan The couple got one of the suites and the spiral staircase on the balcony made for some good shots even with the rain.
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    Thanks! People are unbelievably friendly. I'm really excited about this forum.
  9. Hi, I just shot a wedding at the RIU Palace in Punta Cana and it rained. They were not well organized in dealing with this (even though it's not an altogether rare event). Also, the beach is fairly crowded with other guests. So, if you're hoping for great beach photos of your wedding, spend some time thinking through the logistics and try to get specific answers regarding a rain plan from the wedding coordinator before your date.
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    Newbie - Punta Cana wedding 2010

    I'm another newbie myself. Thought you might enjoy seeing a slideshow of a recent wedding from the RiU Palace Matt and Susan (no wedding on the beach photos because it rained)
  11. Rcobb

    Going Green :)

    If you go to www.terapass.com and click on offsets they have a calculator for figuring out the cost of carbon offsets for your wedding. Basically, you pay them to invest money into renewable engergy resources. Renee
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    Hi, My name is Renee Cobb. I'm a photographer based in the DC area - I love weddings and love to travel. For those of you who are looking for a photographer whether it be a US based photographer or someone destination based, please feel free to pick my brain for pointers. Renee PS. I have a special place in my heart for the Dominican Republic!