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  1. Thanks - I am going for a site visit at the end of June and our date is October 4th but I will post details of the site when I get back. Right now I will be seeing the Iberostar Grand, Eldorado Maroma and Secrets Capri.
  2. I had heard that they had big black sand bags on the beach. It it true?
  3. I am looking at several possible locations on the RM and would love to hear comments on anyone who has already done site visits and had their wedding there. Possibilities include Secrets Capri, Eldorado Maroma, Excellence Riviera, Iberostar Grand, Ceiba del Mar. Any other advice would be great. Important to me are: Food, Wine, Beach, Understated Elegance and of course price for family to attend.
  4. Shura

    Newbie! Secrets Capri Bride

    That is one location that I am considering. What other properties did you look at when you did your site visits? I leave to look at hotels at the end of this month (June).
  5. Shura

    Newbie looking to wed

    Hi my name is Shura Lindgren and I am looking for an understated elegant location on the Riviera Maya. We are getting married on the 4th of october this year.