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  1. Thanks Amy. Your information and suggestions has definitely helped. I'm now headed in the right direction. I asked Dionne about the cake. She's saying there's only one kind, just different sizes. I was noticing for the ladies getting married at ROR, they seemed to have choices on flavors and decorations. Are the options at Negril just completely different?
  2. Thank you so much for this information. We are getting married at the end of August and my mind is just cluttered with so many decisions to make. We were leaning towards Shadows so it's good to hear some positive feedback about it. Our wedding is at 4pm as well. Was there a long delay between the wedding and the reception? What did you do to fill the gap? Also, we have 40 people coming so far. Which size cake did you have?
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    Hi! My name is Anita. My fiance Calvin and I are getting married in Negril Jamaica at the Club Riu Negril Aug 29 2008. I am excited one minute and nervous the next about having a destination wedding. There are just so many unknowns. I wish I had come across this forum when we initially started the planning process..
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