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  1. Yeyyyy, im so relieved you are there and love it so much! i also cant wait to see your pictures and hear more about it thanks so much for easing my mind ALOT!
  2. congradulations twinkletoes! Cant wait to hear all about it!
  3. i definatly wasnt aware of that! i thought you had to pay in cash full when you got there! when they sent me my conformation they just said i had to send a copy of my documents, but nothing about 50% payment!
  4. Rubyringo, your engagment pics are beautiful!
  5. i just noticed that the date of my wedding is missing the day! its the 6th! sorry for not saying before! hows everyones wedding planning going latly?
  6. So on monday when we put our downpayment on the trip i will offically be added to the list of Edenh Real Arena Brides! we will be leaving march 2nd. has anyone else had any trouble from relatives about going away to get married? were having such a hard time, but i just keep myself thinking its MY wedding...
  7. Hi guys. i just got the list of packages in my email today and they have gone up some since the last post! vow renewal is $650 Traditional package is $995 Deluxe Package is $1,450 Romantic Package is $2,000 Catholic Package is $2,300 and the Elite Package is $2,500
  8. VanVickery

    Hi Im New!

    Thank you everyone!!
  9. VanVickery

    The new season of the Bachelorette

    haha i know! i was sad that brian went home too! he was a sliver fox that one there! hahaha.
  10. Hi Guys! im New to the message boards and I Have been thinking about this resort for my wedding aswell! all your posts have made me more confident in it! keep posting your information! Thanks, Laura
  11. VanVickery

    Hi Im New!

    My Name is Laura and my fiance and I are planning a Destination wedding in Punta cana next year. I am Leaning towards the new edenh real arena! We are super excited! any Edenh Brides out there?