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    Are you and your fiance waiting to consumate...

    As another guy I can chime in on this as well. My fiance and I also decided to wait until we're married before we "did it". It's been a rough 2 1/2 years on me but she is worth waiting for. Now that we're engaged it's been especially hard, but we're determined to make it till the wedding in Sept We're especially glad because it will be a good testimony to our kids when we can honestly tell them that we waited, and it was worth it. Though, dad will have to admit to having been around the block a few times before meeting mom.
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    What Is This World Coming To.

    Quote: Originally Posted by LadyP I if put in that situation to protect myself and my family would probably do the same. But it bothers me that 51 bullets were shot at 1 man. that is my anger. Hi, just wanted to post a few facts that might appease your anger at least on this point. 51 bullets were not shot at 1 man. They were shot at 1 car with 3 men in it. An autopsy showed Bell was struck four times in the neck and torso. Guzman, 31, was shot 19 times and Benefield, 23, who was in the back seat, was hit three times. Both men were taken to Mary Immaculate Hospital; at the time of admission Guzman was listed in critical condition and Benefield was in stable condition. Guzman and Benefield would ultimately survive the shooting. Benefield was released from the hospital on 5 December 2006, while Guzman was released on 25 January 2007. The officers in question believed that the men were armed and dangerous as they had just stated after an argument in the strip club that they were going to the car to get a gun. The officers then followed them out of the club and attempted to arrest them after they were in the car. A decent write up on the event (where the above information comes from) can be found here: Sean Bell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia As always with wikipedia, take it with a grain of salt, since anyone can edit it. Racial profiling does at times happen, and I (white) have experienced it personally simply because I had my roommate (black) in the car with me. However I do not feel that it was a factor in this case.
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    Obligatory Newbie Post

    Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan Welcome! One of our forum travel agents is a sandals expert. You'll find everything you need here. this forum is awesome! Yes, I've actually already emailed tammy about using her or Jennifer as a TA
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    Obligatory Newbie Post

    Why thank you all. That's quite a greeting.
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    Obligatory Newbie Post

    Hi, I'm Brian! Not sure of the wedding date yet, but we're trying for Aug/Sept. The location isn't set either, but we're looking at Sandals Bahamas at the moment.