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    need some recommendations- photogogs, location

    Hi there, I have been debating between mexico and florida myself now... Do any of you have any suggestins in the Key West area? Any locations, vendors- wedding coordinators, places... Thanks!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by cdc0427 Rachael, I love your dress and the designer. I am looking at the site and getting ispirations!! I did make an appt for Friday at Alfred Angelo but I think that may be pointless because I wasn't drawn to any dresses on the site. I am just going to get ideas. I think I may have an ANJOLIQUE gown though!! I LOVE BEST DESTINATION WEDDING!!!!! -CACHET Thanks!! Keep your appointment and just have fun trying on as many as you can...I went to 5 stores and tried on probably 75 dresses before I found "the one", and you WILL know when you try the right one on!! They always look so different on the rack and in pictures so just keep an open mind and have fun!! Good Luck!!
  3. Thank you, thank you- this is great!! Very helpful!!
  4. I LOVE your dress!! It is so beautiful!! You look amazing! I love that designer too, I had tried on a few....the dresses are unbelievable.
  5. Here is a link to my blog with some dress pics: Dress and other random wedding things Has anyone found some really cute save the date magnets or invites? I've found a couple companies but any recommendations would be awesome. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I'm trying to upload me in my dress- but here is the link to the dress I picked. Anjolique For some reason I can't seem to upload an image...rrr... I ordered my dress 2 months ago and I'm glad I did because I was told it takes at least 6 months to get it in and have your first fitting- and even longer during high season. So, I guess If I were you I would start with that, it will be a big relief once you have it done and you just have to wait for the fitting. There may be more fittings which require more time. I will upload a pic once I can figure out how to do it . I'm hoping to start on my save the dates and get them out soon. I'm still stressing over the Oct. Riviera weather though.
  7. Hi, I'm a 10/24/09 bride too!! It's not feeling as far away now as it once did- there is so much to plan and do!! I have the dress and am starting the "save the dates"- because everyone keeps asking me so they can plan their vacations. Is anyone fearful of rain? I'm having little anxiety attacks over the possibility of rain- I've heard when it rains it may only rain for 5 min. and be over...anyone know how true that is? I keep tracking the weather daily...
  8. Hi, This is probably totally unwarranted but I want to throw it out there anyways...My fiance was just telling me about all this crime happening in Mexico (mostly organized crime) that he has read about... and that some European countries have warned tourists about the dangers of going to Mexico. But, I've heard that Playa is really safe. So, now he has me thinking about possible dangers that we or our guests could encounter- rrrr...one more thing to stress about! Is it even something to be concerned about?? has anyone else heard this or had any problems?? I hope it's nothing to worry about but...it's a big deal when you have your whole family flying somewhere for your big day! Let me know your thoughts/opinions/anything you've heard or encountered. Thanks, panicking bride to be....
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by zorlack76 Wow...those may have been some of the best photos I've seen fom various Cancun photographers. Did she give you a price list at all? Hi, If you contact her directly she will send you her price list and give you more information. She is priced about the same as Vanessa I believe. I also think Claudia does great work but she's too $$$ for me. Lydia seems very good and I really like her style.
  10. Hi, I ran across this photographer Lidya Solemidt and I'm wondering if anyone has worked with her or checked her out? She has some really great pictures and she is very responsive and super nice...I'm really liking her so far. Here is her website if you want to check her out for yourself:Home Lidya Solemidt Photographer Any feedback would be appreciated... Right now It's kind of a tie for me between her and Vanessa- they both seem awesome. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the contact info. I'm pretty sure that we have decided that we too will have our wedding at the Blue Parrot. I'm excited to see your pictures and feedback- since you ladies will have yours before me!! Have you done a site visit? I'm very curious about the rooftop reception and what it will look like. We may do a site visit in March- my good friend is getting married in Isla Mujeriuos (sp?)- so we may take a drive to playa to check stuff out. Any tips, pictures...you can provide would be awesome!!
  12. Hi, Does anyone happen to have Paula's email (the WC) at the Blue Parrot? If you have a price list...or any other information about that venue I'd appreciate it. Thanks! Rachael
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    Welcome & Congrats!