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  1. Oh wow! Thanks for that info! I think i will change to the Gazebo then... it is really pretty anyway.
  2. I want to take some romantic photos with my future husband on the beach in our wedding day attire… but, I don’t want all the wedding guests to have to sit and wait on us, and I will be ready to party after the ceremony! Is it totally wrong to meet with my groom, just us, out on the beach before the wedding ceremony?
  3. I am getting married at the Riu Palace Los Cabos on May 24th....I think I am going to do my reception on the terrace of the Mexican restaurant. Because isn't there an extra fee for setting up somewhere else besides a restaurant? Also, what about your ceremony? I can’t decide! I had my heart set on the beach, but the gazebo is really nice! Suggestions?
  4. My name is Charyl Wood. I am getting married on May 24, 2008 at the Riu Palace Los Cabos in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!!!
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