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    Quote: Originally Posted by lambert13 I am the husband that lucky k72 was talking about. Welcome to the forum! How did you guys come to Rincon as a destination? Most people have never even heard of it. You have to promise to try to keep the place somewhat of a secret though. Can't have it getting too popular. If you need ideas for where to eat, what to do and all that stuff just let us know. My family is from Arecibo which is not far from there. Rincon is also known throughout Puerto Rico fo it's beautiful sunsets so it seemed appropriate for a destination wedding. It is also a far cry from San Juan which everyone is familiar with so we liked that unique aspect. Sure recs would be great. Do you have any rec's for guests activities? When we scouted the area we didn't get do do many activities just driving around and looking at venues.
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    Thanks for the warm wishes everyone good luck to you all as well.
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    Quote: Originally Posted by lucky k72 Welcome Josh! My husband Jay (lambert13) and I have vacationed in Rincon twice and love it there!!! We were last there in January. Where are you getting married there? We are getting married on Domes beach and then having the reception in the Caracol Che Villa. We hired a planner that is taking most of the burden of looking for basics like rentals, food, etc. My fiance and I want to make things more personal so we are adding our own touch where we can.
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    Quote: Originally Posted by twinkletoes There are a couple of ceremony program ideas in this thread that may give you some ideas. Check it out: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t16710 Awesome this is a great help thanks!
  5. Guys' suggestion.. put a cigar in there for the men.. lots of female stuff.
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    Yea She's done most of the work so far... we have ceremony programs and favors left and she wants to do them herself.. looking for ideas so I can be constructive to the cause...
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    Thanks, I am looking for ceremony program information. If anyone has some ideas, advice etc.
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    1. Josh 2. April, 19,2008 3. Rincon, Puerto Rico Looking for good ideas to help the fiance... and be a good groom to be.. hopefully this wins me some brownie points