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    Originally Posted by Krs398 View Post


    Just and FYI to future brides:


    I'm getting married in June and haven't needed to email Annie at all yet so I can't comment on her response time.  After I made my deposit back in September, I've just researched all my questions on here and started getting my own ideas together.  In December (6 months out) they sent me a word document on questions I need to think about for the wedding.  These are questions that I need to answer (along with inspiration pics) and send back to Annie by the middle of March (3 months out). I've also added on questions that I need to ask her specifically. Then we'll go from there and we'll see how she is after that!  (Just thought some of you newer brides might want to know the timeline of things and I'm not sure if this was the same for everyone else). 

    Honestly getting all of your ideas together her is really a great way to go.


    I highly suggest that future brides bookmark and/or pin (on pinterest now) every exact detail you want. when your date is near you will be ready to easily pass everything you want over to the coordinators

    Really unless your wedding day is a month or two out there is no need to speak to the coordinators daily or weekly. It will all come together. also remember that part of the beauty of having a DW at LC is the location itself. you really do not need to bring very much decor!


    just my 2 cents.


    someone asked about my flowers. they were roses and tulips actually. I pretty much just told nicole what colors i wanted and told her that i trusted her call on it and that is what she got me! I really tried to not worry about somewhat minor details like the bouquet...I guess i was kind of a low maintenance bride? at least i try to tell myself i was...especially when i see my friends planning an at home wedding with hundreds of people!!!!! some of their concerns are just so crazy to me!? why doesnt everyone just fly to PV to get married on the beach?!



  2. Congrats to all the recent LC brides! LC wedding pics really are the best and i still love to check in on them! 

    Originally Posted by lianne View Post

    Kya and Adevnturelovers thanks so much for sharing all the details!  You guys both looked gorgeous!  I have another question lol ...were you guys really hot while getting ready??  I'm planning on having the wedding in April which is suppose to be even hotter...just curious if it was really bad?  Thanks!  

    I was an April bride lianne, it was warm for sure! I wouldn't say it was bad when getting ready maybe a little uncomfortable. the only time i remember being REALLY hot was during the ceremony other than that the weather is just perfect in April



    Originally Posted by kya101 View Post


    To Trash the Dress or not to Trash the Dress????? I'm sooooo on the fence, I want to do it so bad, but my fiance is like, "another day of photos.... I hate taking pictures!!!!" They look so awesome though and I'm really starting to realize I only get to do this once and maybe I do want some of those things I never thought I wanted out of a wedding wacko.gif I dunno, last minute stuff is really freaking me out!!! I know what I "thought" I wanted and now all of sudden I'm not sure of anything I wanted anymore... please tell me I'm not the only one and this is normal???? Please???? LOL Just have to tell myself to keep it together for 8 more weeks.... 8 weeks ahhhhhhhh!!!!! LOL


    DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trashing the dress was ALMOST more fun than the wedding for us! haha

    my hubby was semi annoyed with the thought of another day of pics as well but he knew how much i had my heart set on doing it. Once we were actually taking the pics we both had so much fun! Don't get me wrong when i say this but some of our TTD pics are actually our favs over our wedding day pics. our wedding day pics are amazing but there really are some TTD pics that are even more amazing in their own way!


    i think my TTD slideshow link is still in my siggy!




    Originally Posted by kya101 View Post


    Just out of curiosity, have you started any planning with Kelley or recieved the questionaire thing??? You're wedding is only 11  days before mine and I haven't got or started anything with her yet and I'm only 4 1/2 months away??? I think this is my biggest concern, we haven't started anything and new people don't even start until the end of September/October. I'm really concerned with WHEN we're going to get to plan and how experienced the new planners will be. I am trying really hard not to freak out and be positive, but it's hard... maybe I just need the shock of this to wear off. The whole planning process has not been very easy for us, our TA has been pretty useless, FI still doesn't know what he's wearing and now this too. I just really wanted a stress free, fun wedding and the whole process to be "easy" and it hasn't been!!!! Sorry for the rant ladies!!!








    Originally Posted by AliMcBaal View Post



    Kelley reached out to us with her questionnaire pretty much exactly 2.5 months from our wedding, so you have plenty of time.   She is emailing more frequently now that we are getting closer.  It's best if you start developing a list of questions you have for her now, types of flowers you like or sample bouquets/arrangements, etc, that will be really easy to get everything started.  We have a bunch of special requests so she is working to accommodate us on them.

    If you need help or want me to send you the questionnaire she sent or the questions I had for her, PM me your email and we can chat!




    Originally Posted by AnnR View Post







    I had both Kelley and Nicole (the WC before Kelley) at my wedding and both were amazing.  So given the track record I am sure that the next WC will be amazing as well!


    And I don't think I started discussing details w/Nicole until just a few weeks before our wedding so don't worry, it will get taken care of - they're amazing there!

    So I was going to comment on Kya's first post that i quoted but then Ann and Ali said exactly what I was going to say!


    Great advice Ali. I think it is best to just start planning details that you want on your own. collect pic examples of flowers, tables, aisle runners, etc. so that when the coordinator does contact you, you are ready to go because you have it all ready.


    Kya- 4.5 months out is a LONG LONG time. As Ann said I dont think it was until about a month or so before the wedding until i really started communicating with the coordinators. Planning a LC wedding is super easy and stress free. I knew how busy the coordinators were so i really tried to not "bug" them months and months before. I would just come here instead and ask all of my minor detail questions :) i would get answers much more quickly here too. Oh and in regards to your FI not having his attire yet..try not to let that bother you either. My DH didn't have his suit until 1 week before we left! yep i stressed and was sort of PO'ed at him because it really was the 1 thing he HAD to do. but well he did get it done and it was fine!


    I am sure Kelly will get those new coordinators trained and up to speed in no time!



  5. Samantha as someone already mentioned you really should use the search function on the the forum first. there is already a main Las Caletas thread. If you read through that most of your questions will probably be answered.




    also you should probably read through the forum rules as well as you could get banned for starting new threads that already exist


  6. Lesley your pics are SO BEAUTIFUL!


    I totally stalked your photogs blog and seeing your pics makes me so want to do it all again because it just looks SO MUCH FUN!


    your dress is amazing!!!! and i love the TTD pic with sand all over it! I love that you trashed your beautiful dress!!!!!!!! there is just something about sandy TTD dress pics that is so cool! Can't wait to see more TTD pics! where did you guys go in PV do take those pics? how is your dress today? pretty clean i bet?





    Originally Posted by lesley_mexico_bride View Post



    The dog is actually named "Coochie Flies". I'm serious. My dad is re-married and lives in Mexico, and it is my step-brother and his girlfriend's dog. I remember visiting them with Andrew and hearing them call the dog's name, and we would just crack up. I guess Coochie is a little nickname in Mexico. Anyway, I had no idea he was coming, but I remember Kelley came up to the casita to let me know that the guests had arrived, and she mentioned, "even the dog made it over". I was like, "What dog?". Anyway, he is cute and was the most dressed up person there besides Andrew,....he was wearing a tie!!




    haha! I love it! I am glad you didn't say he was some random stray, although I didn't see his fancy tie :)


    that is hilarious! what an adventure for little Coochie Flies!



    Originally Posted by Readybetty View Post

    Yay! So excited to meet you in person Nathaniel!  See you in Caletas!smile159.gif



    Originally Posted by nathanielthompsonphoto View Post

    Hey Ladies!  I leave tomorrow morning - Saturday is the first of 3 weddings I'm shooting in about two weeks at Las Caletas (including Megan's aka ReadyBetty) and I can't wait.  Let me know if you have anything you'd like me to look into for y'all and I'd be happy to.  Just post here today and I'll check it before I leave.  I'll be back on the 1st before I leave again on the 8th.  VIVA CALETAS!!!





    well Nathaniel and Megan how did it go?! will one of you come back and post an update PLEASE?! (actually maybe even just a quick teaser or SOMETHING!?) I am dying over here wink.gif

    I know it was fab but I can't wait to hear the details!






    Originally Posted by Readybetty View Post


    Well this past weekend, I've been officially turned from a Ms. to a Mrs.!  Whoop whoop!


    On another note, how did you previous brides go about the cleaning and pressing of your dress?  I hate to sound naive but is this something you do before you leave or is there a reliable place down in Puerto Vallarta (or even better Nuevo Vallarta since that is where we will be staying) that will do this for you?  I've heard that it is better to look outside of the resort to get this done since usually resorts will charge significantly more. 



    Megan! did you get hitched in vegas?! I saw you posted you were there! i was going to ask you but then figured it prob wasn't appropriate on facebook haha



    you are soooooo close! woooooo!


  10. Hello! It has been awhile since I have checked in, congrats to all the recent brides! I still love hearing your great reviews of LC when you return, oh and seeing the pics too!


    Our 2nd anniversary is this weekend, I can't believe it has been 2 years already! Anyway I was getting all nostalgic i think so that is why I decided to check in today ;) our plan this weekend is to watch our wedding video and relive the memories, then next week we are heading to Playa del Carmen to celebrate!

    Originally Posted by Readybetty View Post

    For you past Caletas brides, when did you actually sign the ceremonial certificate?  Was it a part of the ceremony or was it afterwards like during cocktail hour/dinner?


    Yay Megan! you are getting so freakin close! we signed the certificate after the ceremony prob towards the end of cocktail hour. we did it after we had taken our pics.


    how is your planning going?!


  11. Hello Playacar Palace brides!!


    I am old married BDW'er but still come around here every now and again because I love seeing all of the most recent DW pics and such, plus this site was a life saver when planning my wedding.  Anyway my husband and I just booked our anniversary/vacation trip for the end of april and we are going to be staying at Playacar Palace! We love the palace resorts are excited to stay for the first time at this one!


    I thought I would pop in here now and see if anyone wanted me to check anything out at the resort and/or needed pics of anything, rooms, beach, pool, etc. etc.

    I am sure you have seen all the pics you need but if there is something you want me to scope out for you guys let me know!


    Also, we will be arriving at the Cozumel airport and will be taking the ferry across to Playa del Carmen so if anyone needs info on that I would be happy to share!


    Let me know! happy planning!

  12. yay congrats to all of the recent brides! I never get tired of seeing videos or pics of LC :)

    Originally Posted by JMikla View Post

    Paid our deposit on Friday! We are SOOOO excited. Our wedding is still 8 months away and so we won't be bugging Kelly for months, but I did have the opportunity to talk to her and she is on the look out for an assistant to ease some of the craziness.


    We had originally planned to have our wedding at Dreams, but with 70 people, the extra person change at Dreams for over 20, made it make even more and more sense to book at Las Caletas with all that it has to offer. The cost was roughly $2000 more and we get a totally private wedding and a boat ride surprise for our guests! 



    you might want to read back through some of the thread about others thoughts on completely surprising your guests with a boat ride, especially if you already have over 70!  Some guests might want to take dramamine, some guests might want to wear different shoes than originally planned (ex: high heels vs. flip flops), people might want to take a jacket or sweater especially with being gone for several hours, etc. the boat ride is a great feature but I would just think about your guests and the total surprise.
    at the very least i would suggest that you let them know there is a 45min boat ride to get to the private wedding location. that way there is still the element of surprise.


  13. Asef,


    I know that you are new to this forum and have started several threads already. Have you taken the time yet to do a search on any of these possible locations that you are looking into for your wedding?this forum is filled with a ton of useful information on many different locations and  I think that if you take some time to do some reading and research here on the forum many of your questions will be answered and you can narrow down your location choice.


    Also it will probably be good for you to read through these two threads as well.






    Originally Posted by cupishalfempty View Post




    We are working on the invitations, and would like to include a map. Can somebody point to exactly where LC is on a map? I've done several searches but I can only get within about 30 miles of it, but haven't been able to pin point it on the bay.



    Billy and Erin

    are you looking for a map of the bay? or a map of what is at Las caletas? there is a great map of las caletas in the vallarta adventures tour brochure...i can't seem to find that online.


    this is the only bay map I was able to find:


    it is on the right of the page, tour route.


    the actual las caletas map is floating around on BDW somewhere


  15. Welcome back Sheri! congrats!


    Here is another BEAUTIFUL LC wedding I came across today on Elizabeth Medina's blog. AMAZING


    I especially like the pic of the bride sleeping in the hammock...such a great pic of how your wedding day should (and will) be at LC!


  16. we didn't have a signature drink but I am sure you could?! just check with Kelly beforehand to make sure they can have all of the proper ingredients to make whatever you want them to. Also to remember the bar can't make frozen drinks because of the electricity, there is no blender.


    um on the timeline I think it sorta depends on a few things and you can decide your own timeline to an extent.  For example if your photog and groom are going to be at LC earlier in the day...you could certainly get a ton of pics out of the way so that you can fully enjoy your cocktail hour. If your FI is not planning on going over earlier in the day and arriving with the guests then I think that pics would have to be during cocktail hour. I know there are some brides on here that have done it both ways.


    Reggie came over with our guests so we had to do most of our pics during cocktail hour. I honestly don't feel like i missed it though, LC is so small and intimate that our guests could fully see us taking the pics and our friends kept running beers down to the beach for us to have in between pics! Although I will say that the time between the ceremony and beginning of dinner (so cocktail hour) went SO FAST, it was like i blinked and that part was all over.



    Originally Posted by lesley_mexico_bride View Post


    Thanks choeft201 for the info, sounds great! I have another question (probably one of a million coming up since it is less than 4 months away! :)) but for the veteran LC brides....I have read the threads in the forum about what shoes to wear on the beach, but I was wondering what yall wore as there are the steps involved in the walk down the aisle also!?! Obviously, I will not be wearing heels, but I am now thinking about wearing a wedge, as I am short and like height. I am getting my bridesmaids barefoot jewelry I think. Will there feet burn on the sand (our ceremony is at 6 in May so hopefully not)? Did you wear different shoes during the reception? Has anyone walked down the aisle in wedges? Thanks so much!


    LOL I really stressed out about shoes for some reason! My hubby is much taller than me...like a foot. so needless to say i always wear high heels around him. well there was no way i was going to be able to do that at LC. So i bought white wedge flip flops similar to these:



    well then i started stressing about falling on the stairs in my tight dress and wedges. So i had the great idea to walk down the stairs barefoot and then put on my wedges at towards the bottom. Well that didn't happen, there was too much going on! :)


    I ended up being barefoot for the entire night...ceremony and reception. Which wasn't the plan because my dress was hemmed for me wearing the taller shoes. Oh well, looking back it was fine. there was a noticeable height difference between my hubs and I in our pics but whatever.


    long story short. dont worry too much about the stairs. and if you want to go barefoot, do it! the sand wont be that hot and how often do you see a barefoot bride?



    Originally Posted by AnnR View Post


    i had wedges but kicked them off at the bottom of the stairs since they were driving me NUTS!  lol  i went the rest of the way barefoot.  you can really make anything work.  and i was married in June and don't remember the sand being hot at all.


    LOL this funny too. so did you go barefoot too the whole night?

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